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Junk King FranchiseFounded in 2010 by longtime friends Michael Andreacchi and Brian Reardon, Junk King is the 2nd largest and fastest growing junk removal service in North America.

Junk King’s rapid growth is fueled by its recycling-based junk removal model and world class customer service.

In 2014, Junk King was the highest ranked customer service organization in North America, with more promoters and fewer detractors than any other company in the United States!

Junk King’s goal has always been to reinvent the sector by developing a technology driven business management franchise in a traditionally low-tech sector. We are a premier white collar business system in a large, fragmented blue collar industry.

Having already launched 65 franchises in the US and Canada, Junk King is a dynamic brand that is well-positioned for sustainable growth for years to come.

Professional Junk Removal

Junk King Franchise OpportunityOur professional junk removal service features a national call center, a proprietary Junk Netware software program, a state of the art review and referral platform that measure 10 customer service metrics for each and every job, mobile invoicing, a turnkey marketing program, and personalized support in operations, finance, and business development.

We combine old-fashioned customer service principles with state of the art technology to provide the modern customer with timely, professional, removal services.

Keys to the Kingdom

Junk King’s business system is based a handful of core principles that enable us to outperform the competition and build market share rapidly.


We are green and going greener! We recycle as much as possible of each and every job, up to 60% on average. Our operations revolve around a warehouse based recycling hub. We pack our trucks to sort recyclables in our warehouse and develop local and national recycling relationships to minimize dump fees and maximize recycling income for our franchise partners.

Junk King Franchise

King-sized trucks

Our trucks are 20% bigger than our nearest competitors, a king-sized advantage. Bigger trucks means more jobs per day, more jobs per day means:

  • Faster response time and happier customers
  • More money in tips and bonuses for employees
  • Even more savings on fuel and dumping costs!

Junk King’s’ King-sized trucks are producing king-sized gross profit margins.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Junk King is a diversified income model with 4 distinct revenue streams:

  • Consumer/residential income
  • Commercial/industrial business
  • Government contracts
  • Recycling
    • Each channel builds our network and overall community presence
    • Diversified income stream is more recession resistant and steadier month to month

We provide Item 19 Earnings Claims in our FDD including:

2008: $665,000 gross revenue; $192,000 net profit (with GM running day to day of business).

2009: $728,000 gross revenue; $254,000 net profit (with GM running day to day of business).

2010: Item 19 Earnings Claim of gross revenue of $847,525.00 and net profit of $284,441.55.

We are seeking prospects looking to scale a business and manage a P & L versus working in the field.

We have a national call center that manages all prospective customer inquiries through a toll free number. We educate the customer about our services, give an estimate when appropriate, schedule the job, and route the job through our centralized process.

We also award the largest territories in the industry (minimum of 500,000 population).

Key advantages:

We are a true advertising model incorporating TV, direct mail, mass mailings, SEO, PPC, etc. as a consistent part of our business model. Junk King is not a “work on the truck” franchise. Where our competitors focus on consumer business only we are diversified in our revenue streams:

  • Business to consumer; heavy branding/direct response model via an integrated advertising program.
  • Business to business; realtors, property managers, construction trades, builders, etc.
  • Business to Government; Federal, State, Local, School Districts, Colleges & Universities.
  • Recycling;   1. We are the greenest company in the junk removal industry, recycling 60% of all items removed from job sites. Our marketing and branding is “green” driven, promoting this fact to consumers and businesses.
    2. We remove recyclables at the job site and deliver them to our warehouses. Recycling vendors remove the recyclables from us and pay us for them, thereby allowing recycling to be an additional profit center versus a cost of sales.
    3. By recycling 60% of the items we remove from job sites, we can manage more jobs per day which equals more revenue per day per truck than our competition and the highest margins in the industry.

We value our franchisees too. Junk King is a young, dynamic and ambitious company with the experience and the knowledge to succeed. If you are determined to work hard to make your business a success, you have come to the right place. We can show you how to make your kingdom thrive with our successful methods. At Junk King you’ll be part of a fast-growing team of owners.

Junk King Macon is proud and very pleased to be a part of the Junk King family.The experience we have had with our corporate partners has been nothing but the greatest. We can always count on excellent support and encouragement from each member of the corporate team in all aspects of running a new business.

As we continue to push forward and looking for growth our leaders have offered sound advice and encouragement in ways to maximize our profitability by cutting unnecessary cost and offering ideas on ways to gain new customers while maintaining our number one goal which is to offer customers the very best in customer service.

We look forward to our future with Junk King and are excited about the changes that are being made every day to make Junk King the world’s leader in the junk removal and hauling business.

Teddy Sauls

Junk King Franchise Owner - Macon, GA

“Junk King has been a tremendous amount of fun for me. The recycling aspect of the business is my favorite and I’m enjoying my profession more than I ever have.”

Peter McCreary

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