Junkluggers Franchise

Junkluggers is an Eco-Friendly, Socially Conscious, Community Based Franchise Opportunity.

Junk removal is a service that everyone needs at some point in their life. Rather than deal with the daunting, back-breaking task of removing bulky, unwanted items like old sofas or leftover debris from construction work, people would much rather pay The Junkluggers to take care of all the work for them.

The Junkluggers customers genuinely appreciate the service we offer. Junk removal is a service that our customers feel is worth the expense for a stress-free experience.

Join the Junkluggers Mission & Own A Franchise


Junkluggers Franchise

Why Choose the Junkluggers?

It’s time to break free from the cubicle. Franchising is an ideal alternative to a long career of gray walls and buzzword-saturated meetings. The Junkluggers was created for the new generation of business owners.

We wouldn’t want to hire potential franchisees who didn’t have a few questions before jumping into a commitment like this. So here are some answers to a few questions that may be on your mind.

The junk removal industry

The waste industry in the United States is valued at almost $75 billion annually and, with the junk removal segment making up over 13% of that total, our industry is not going away anytime soon. Many cities in the United States have set zero-waste goals to achieve by 2030, if not before, so the junk removal industry fulfills a core need in many communities. Join The Junkluggers and you will be joining an industry with a stable ROI that has experienced an average growth rate of almost 2% annually since 2013.

Junkluggers Franchise

The Junkluggers advantage

We’ve been in business since 2004 and our brand is one of the most respected and trusted in the industry. Sure, we know the ins and outs of the industry, but we’re also on a mission to change it. We hope to make eco-friendly junk removal the standard, not the exception.

You’ll also have unprecedented access to expert advice and guidance from your leadership. As part of the team, The Junkluggers CEO, Josh Cohen is so adamant about helping his franchise owners be successful that he is never more than just a text message away – or a phone call, for the non-millennials. Best of all, you’ll have access to a terrific support system of other franchisees, advisors, and staff to help set up your business for success:

  • Dedicated franchise coach: You will be assigned one point person who will help you navigate our business, your franchise process, and the industry.
  • Marketing support: We know who our customers are and how to find them. We help design, plan, and track the success of your digital and print marketing campaigns, offering advice on how to best allocate your marketing budget. We maintain and regularly update company websites and social media outlets, pushing you to the top of search engines and helping you look attractive to future customers.
  • Sales and finance training: You’ll receive hands-on training and support for building and maintaining relationships with key referral sources. We also keep a full-time, highly experienced finance manager on staff to help you set up and manage your finances.
  • In-depth orientation and training: We offer an initial two-day orientation, a week by week checklist to get you up and running, and an additional one week of classroom and in-field training. You’ll have the confidence to run your business successfully from day one.
  • Backed by network professionals: As a partner, you will also receive peer support amongst a strong group of franchisees.

Are you as excited about this opportunity as we are? If so, contact us today to get started on your brighter future!

Junkluggers Services

Residential Services:

Commercial Services:

Junkluggers Franchise

Our People: The Best

The Junkluggers is comprised of a team of passionate, talented, fun-loving professionals who genuinely care about making a difference in their communities. When you come on board as a franchisee, you become part of the family. We will do whatever it takes to help our franchisees succeed because we know the success of each individual contributes to the success of the company as a whole.

Our Experience: Top Notch

With over a decade of experience in every aspect of the industry, from opening a new territory to managing multi-truck operations, we’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge to share with new franchisees to set them up for success. Our corporate support staff are experts in their fields, eager to help you grow your own successful Junkluggers operation.

What We Offer

  • Full Branded Open Body Dump Trucks
  • Centralized Call Center
  • We-based Proprietary Software System
  • Experienced Support Staff
  • Dedicated Franchise Coach
  • Marketing Support
  • Sales Support
  • Finance Support
  • Training

Owning a Junkluggers franchise is the perfect balance of support and empowerment. The Junkluggers has many channels of support (Customer Loyalty Center, Franchise Support, Accounting/Finance, Marketing, Business Coach) and someone is always available when needed, but also trusts its franchisees to make important decisions without micromanaging.

Zach Cohen

Junkluggers owner, Manhattan & Brooklyn, NY

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