Kinderdance Franchise

Kinderdance International is a leading low-cost children’s franchise opportunity that offers dance, gymnastics, movement, and fitness programs designed specifically for young children. As a Kinderdance franchisee, you’ll benefit from our established brand, extensive training and support, and multiple revenue streams.

Kinderdance Franchise

Join this low investment, quick to launch children’s franchise.

Kinderdance is a globally recognized brand that stands at the forefront of early childhood dance and movement education. With our unique blend of movement, creativity, and education, Kinderdance programs provide young children with a joyful and developmentally appropriate introduction to the world of dance and movement. Our brand’s certified instructors and carefully designed curriculum create a nurturing environment where children can explore various dance and movement skills, enhancing their cognitive skills, and build confidence while fostering a love for movement. Kinderdance’ s commitment to inclusivity, interactive learning, and global reach has made it a trusted choice for parents and educators seeking a holistic “Total Child” approach to dance and movement education for children.

Kinderdance Franchise

The Kinderdance Advantage

  1. Four Franchise levels: Kinderdance is a lifestyle brand with a flexible schedule. By offering 4 levels of franchising business owners can choose the franchise level that aligns with their lifestyle, investment capacity, goals, and desired level of involvement in the Kinderdance business. Levels start at $20,000.
  2. Established 40 year + Brand: Kinderdance International has a strong brand presence and reputation in the children’s services industry, which provides franchisees with a recognized and trusted brand within the childcare industry.
  3. Comprehensive Training: Kinderdance provides a comprehensive training program for franchisees, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully operate their Kinderdance franchise.
  4. Proprietary Curriculum with Original Music and Lesson Plans: Kinderdance offers proven curriculum and lesson plans designed specifically for each age group. This age-appropriate curriculum promotes skill development, coordination, creativity, and self-expression, while integrating educational concepts. The use of original music enhances the learning experience, making classes engaging and enjoyable for children as they explore various dance/ movement styles and develop essential physical and cognitive abilities.
  5. Marketing Support: Franchisees receive marketing support from Kinderdance, including access to marketing materials, advertising campaigns, and online resources to help promote their Kinderdance franchise and attract students.
  6. Ongoing Support: Kinderdance provides ongoing support to franchisees including the Kinderdance annual continuing education conference, informational emails, newsletters, easy to use business downloads, zoom learning sessions and access to Kinderdance Corporate staff.  We are here every step of the way as you grow!
  7. Large Territory: Franchisees are typically granted a large territory up to 400,000 in population with no extra fees. Exclusive territory is also available on the Gold Level which means they have a defined exclusive area where they can operate their Kinderdance franchise.
  8. Flexibility and Low Overhead: Kinderdance programs can be conducted in various locations, such as schools, community centers, daycare facilities and many more. Our mobile/ home-based franchise allows franchisees to minimize overhead costs, earn high profit margins and maximize their reach within the community.
  9. Multiple Revenue Streams: Kinderdance franchisees can offer multiple Kinderdance programs teaching children from ages 15 month to age 12 including a variety of camp programs. Also, Kinderdance franchisees sell to the parents Kinderdance branded dancewear attire and merchandise.
  10. Quick Start Up: Kinderdance franchisees begin earning revenue soon after the successful completion of Kinderdance training, typically within 30 days.

Kinderdance offers a comprehensive business package that combines a proven business model, training, support, and a recognized 40 year plus brand to help franchisees establish and grow their dance, movement, and fitness businesses for children.

Kinderdance Franchise Support and Training

  1. Initial Training: Franchisees undergo an initial training program that covers various aspects of running a Kinderdance franchise. This training includes certification of the franchise owner to teach the Kinderdance programs, classroom instruction, and hands-on practice. Franchisees learn about the Kinderdance curriculum, teaching techniques, class management, and business operations.
  2. Ongoing Support and Training: Kinderdance provides ongoing support and training to franchisees throughout their journey. This includes regular communication, access to online resources and corporate staff along with Kinderdance Continuing Education Conferences.
  3. Curriculum Implementation: Franchisees receive guidance on implementing the Kinderdance proprietary curriculum effectively. They learn how to structure classes, execute lesson plans, incorporate age-appropriate activities, and adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of different age groups and skill levels. The training ensures that franchisees can deliver high-quality dance, movement, gymnastics, and fitness programs to children.
  4. Business Management: Kinderdance training also covers essential business management aspects. Franchisees learn about marketing strategies, customer acquisition, enrollment procedures, and financial management. This training equips them with the knowledge and tools to successfully promote and operate their Kinderdance business.
  5. Instructor Training: Kinderdance offers specialized training for instructors who will be teaching the programs. This training focuses on teaching techniques, class management strategies, effective communication with children and parents, and creating a positive learning environment. It ensures that instructors are well-prepared to deliver engaging and impactful lessons to children.


  • Kinderdance franchisees are passionate about children, finding joy and fulfillment in creating engaging and developmental experiences that leave a positive impact on young minds.
  • Kinderdance franchisees embrace the opportunity to combine their passion for children with the potential for excellent growth and profit, creating a rewarding entrepreneurial journey.
  • Kinderdance franchisees are growth-minded visionaries, recognizing the vast potential for success in the children’s enrichment industry. They thrive on a business that positively impacts the lives of children and families.
  • Kinderdance franchisees are driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact on children and families. They understand the profound influence they have in shaping the early experiences of young learners.
  • Kinderdance franchisees are committed to giving back to the community. They see their role not only as business owners but as community champions, contributing to the well-being and development of the neighborhoods they serve.

Additionally, Kinderdance is not just a franchise; it’s a family of franchisees. We take pride in nurturing a supportive network where like-minded, talented business entrepreneurs come together to share best practices and excitement for the continuous growth of our Kinderdance community.

Why Kinderdance?
Become a Kinderdance Franchise Owner! Childcare Director Testimonial

“Heather, proud Kinderdance franchisee in the heart of Austin, TX, exemplifies the beauty of a flexible lifestyle with her mobile, low-cost business. In the dance of entrepreneurship, she gracefully navigates a path free from rent or overhead costs, proving that success can be as light on its feet as the children she inspires to dance.”
“Heather, championing the scalability of the Kinderdance model, says “Kinderdance is uniquely positioned to thrive in any market. As the preferred choice for parents seeking high-quality, dance, movement, and fitness programs for their children the Kinderdance business model is easy to replicate from one childcare location to another. Children love to have fun and learn, making Kinderdance the perfect partner for their growth. With the joyous rhythm established in one childcare location, it’s remarkably easy to extend the Kinderdance programs to more locations while efficiently managing a mobile and cost-effective business.'”

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