Kwench Juice Cafe

Kwench Juice Cafe Franchise

Kwench Juice Cafe is rapidly expanding throughout the United States. Consumers realize that raw food is the healthiest food on earth.  Being raw and natural is what has always given our juice bar franchises a significant advantage over the competition.

Kwench Juice Cafe Franchise

The Key to Our Success

Our business procedures and systems are fine-tuned and documented for easy and flawless execution. Our Kwench Juice Cafe owners experience a simple and efficient process to will please each and every customer.

That’s what builds customer loyalty and repeat business, and that’s what makes a Kwench Juice Cafe successful.

Kwench Juice Cafe Franchise

About Kwench Juice Cafe

Kwench Juice Cafe is an extraordinary health experience unlike any you have ever tasted.  the faces in your community.   We shop locally for fresh and organic ingredients to offer the best tasting juice or smoothies. We share our passion for nutrition, vibrant health and happiness every day, in every way. Kwench’s goal is that of a multi-faceted success. Our first responsibility is providing top-quality fresh products and excellent customer service. The effect of our product on the health and well-being of our customers is the key.

Why Kwench

  • Low Investment
  • Low Royalty of 4%
  • Small Spaces – Ideal Kwench Juice locations may range between 400-1200 square feet.
  • Low Food Cost / Minimal Inventory
  • Easy Management – most stores can be run with as few as 5 employees
  • Quick Start-Up / 5-8 Weeks to Open
  • Simple Menu – our menu is streamlined and easy for anyone to reproduce whether you have food service experience or not!

Kwench Juice Cafe Franchise

Benefits of Owning a Kwench Juice Franchise

  • We will guide you through the opening process
  • We will continuously support your business
  • We will provide full training
  • We will provide full site selection assistance
  • We offer financing

We know what it takes to open and run an awesome health food franchise, and we share every bit of our knowledge with our franchise partners to ensure their success.

Kwench Juice Cafe Franchise

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