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Legato Living Franchise

Legato Living is the only residential assisted living franchise exclusively serving people and families suffering from memory impairment challenges. A TRUE HOME BASED MODEL!

Legato Living Memory Care Franchise

The Right Franchise at Just the Right Time for Just the Right Franchise Owner

Legato Living is a residential home offering long term care services to individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. As the disease progresses the larger memory care facilities are often still too big. By providing this care in the smaller setting residents often experience less anxiety knowing there is help close by.

Franchise owners provide long-term care to residents living with many types of memory impairment in a residential assisted living setting. Living in a smaller setting like Legato Living, residents and their families often experience less anxiety and are more comfortable knowing help from familiar caregivers is close by.

Our franchise owners typically invest in multiple residential locations using the memory care business to pay off their real estate investment over a 10-year franchise term. We encourage you to discover the franchise option that’s right for you…

  • Single location
  • Multi-unit
  • Multiple communities

Legato Living Franchise


Erin Render and her mom Jill McMahon started Legato Living after working in the long-term care industry for many years. We’d come to believe that a smaller, more residential living environment held significant benefits to those with memory care needs. That belief led us to shape the Legato Living culture: one offering compassionate long-term care services for those with dementia in a true home setting.

As dementia progresses, larger memory facilities are often too big to provide the highly individualized care we’ve come to believe in. Providing this type of care in a smaller setting, residents often experience less anxiety, knowing there is a familiar caregiver close by. Providing this type of facility enhances the quality of life for this vulnerable group of seniors in your community.

The true home-based model allows us to properly care for our memory care residents. That’s because we have more favorable staffing levels. Our typical staff:resident ratio is 4:1; very different from big box, institutionalized facilities, which are more typically staffed at double a Living Legato residence.

Legato Living Franchise

Benefits of Living the Legato Way

You want three things to be true when selecting a franchise partner…

  • Be passionate about the franchise mission
  • Find a proven business model you can replicate over and over
  • Build a legacy for you and your family in your community and bank account

Legato Living has all that and more…

  • You’ll run highly specialized residential homes taking care of people with advanced memory care issues
  • You’ll acquire a portfolio of real estate properties creating a second revenue source as you build your business
  • You’ll earn community respect as your reputation grows for delivering outstanding care to a highly vulnerable population

What’s Special About Legato Living for Residents?

We’ve developed a replicable franchise model to enable group residential centric care for an ever expanding number of memory impaired citizens. Families intuitively know a smaller environment is more beneficial for taking care of mom or dad. In our group homes the staff get to know our residents.

Families feel relief and comfort knowing that the same few people that care for their loved one develop a relationship, which is often more difficult in larger facilities. Sometimes larger facilities just feel impersonal. At Legato Living, staff love our more family-like homes because they can take time to talk with residents or just sit down and hold their hand. And often, that’s exactly what’s needed.

“Our residential home setting allows for much better observation of your loved one. A side benefit is a higher degree of staff and caregiver satisfaction and employment stability. The same team sees your loved one every day. We have many eyes on them. Our caregivers are familiar to our residents as they carry out one-to-one care for them.”  Jill McMahon, co-founder of Legato Living


How many people do I need to hire to staff a Legato Living home?

Most homes serving 6-10 people can be staffed by an average of six people vs double that or more in larger institutional settings.

What are the primary models to invest in a Living Legato Franchise?

The six most common models are:

  1. Agreement to lease and convert a single home
  2. Agreement to purchase the land and existing home
  3. Agreement to purchase the land and build a new home
  4. Agreement to build out multiple units over time
  5. Agreement to convert an existing assisted living facility
  6. Agreement to develop a larger geographic area over time

Does it look like a good fit?

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