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Maid Brigade Franchise

Maid Brigade is one of the highest ranked maid service franchises in the residential cleaning industry.  In fact, Maid Brigade is ranked a TOP 100 FRANCHISE by Entrepreneur a TOP 50 FRANCHISE for minorities and vets by USA Today and a Top 25 Franchise for Hispanics by the World Franchising Network. The best in support, great training, great technology and a proven track record.



For over three decades, Maid Brigade has helped people just like you become successful entrepreneurs, achieving the quality of life you’ve been seeking while making an immediate difference in the lives of those around you.

We are a flagship brand with an exceptional reputation in over 400 house cleaning franchise territories throughout the US and Canada.

Maid Brigade Franchise


Franchisee Performance

Maid Brigade cleaning franchise is an opportunity that shines. With a returning customer base and national brand recognition, our franchise owners have been able to build sustainable businesses to support their families, as well as the communities around them. Here are the median sales of our franchise owners’ revenue in 2021.

This is information only on franchisees who were open for all of 2021. Some franchisees own multiple territories and these figures represent all revenues for each franchisee. Performance will vary between franchise owners and locations.

  • $1,543,821 – Median Sales of Top 1/3 pf Franchise Locations
  • $620,208 – Median Sales of Middle 1/3 of Franchise Locations
  • $267,526 – Median Sales of Lower 1/3 of Franchise Locations

Low Overhead 

Expensive storefronts and buildouts are often associated with starting a new business. That’s not the case with Maid Brigade. Our locations, including the million-dollar operations, utilize cost-effective spaces to control overhead.


A brand’s stability translates to industry experience. Maid Brigade has been in the franchise cleaning services business since 1985. We have developed the science and systems to maintain a unique competitive position as the Cleaning for Health expertise.


We’ve also honed our skills at business coaching and mentoring over the last 35 years for franchise cleaning services. And the continuity of our Home Office support team is bar none. The Home Office team has a collective longevity of over 180 years with Maid Brigade, and 15 years on average.


PUREcleaning is the healthiest, most advanced and complete home cleaning and disinfection system on the market. Exclusive to Maid Brigade, PUREcleaning starts with a multi-point cleaning process to remove dirt and debris, and follows it with a powerful, non-toxic, EPA-registered disinfectant to remove harmful contaminants applied with an electrostatic sprayer to ensure 360 coverage on high-touch surfaces. With no harsh residues, dyes, or odors, it is safe for people, pets, and the environment.

Maid Brigade Franchise

Maid Brigade’s Ideal Franchisee Candidate

Maid Brigade understands that consumer service businesses are driven by on-going relationships.  Recurring transactions are a big driver for growth and profitability in your Maid Brigade franchise, after all.

Maid Brigade Franchise AwardsThe successful Maid Brigade franchise owner is one who has good interpersonal skills and enjoys interacting with others – both employees and customers. You don’t have to be a polished salesperson – in fact we prefer that you’re not. The successful Maid Brigade franchise candidate finds joy in helping customers solve problems and helping employees to do their best work.

We also encourage our start-ups to make a plan for division of labor from day one.

  • If you are a people-person, you should be on the front lines with customers and prospective customers. Hire an office person to focus on the operations nuts and bolts.
  • If you yourself are gifted with the back-office operations, be sure to hire a manager skillful in interpersonal relations, to be the face of your brand.

Finally, but perhaps foremost, successful Maid Brigade franchise start-ups enjoy making an immediate difference in the lives of others: customers who want to spend their time and energy raising families and pursuing careers, hobbies, health and wellness and their own efforts to make a difference in the lives of others.

Elizabeth discusses the benefits of being part of the Maid Brigade Franchise System.
Pete talks about his work background prior to becoming a Maid Brigade franchise owner.

“Maid Brigade checked all the boxes we were looking for when shopping for a franchise. The support at the corporate level and the franchisee level is unmatched. Corporate has everything figured out and truly provides a turnkey solution.”

Bryan Sklar

Maid Brigade Franchise Owner, Richmond

What we love most about Maid Brigade is the freedom and flexibility granted by corporate that empowers us to provide our market with the best services possible. Corporate’s ability to listen with an open mind, consider the ever-changing landscape, and demand innovation, demonstrates their aptitude and willingness to explore and discover for continuous improvement, for continuous partnership.

Kahle & Moses Madera

Maid Brigade Franchise Owner, Knoxville, TN

My wife and I purchased a Maid Brigade franchise in August of 2015. We looked at other cleaning franchises but found Maid Brigade to be the best fit for us. The support we’ve received from the Home Office and other franchisees has exceeded our expectations. Whether it be marketing, operations, tech support or just general business questions, Maid Brigade has been so helpful. I like to compare it to a large family.


Maid Brigade Franchise Owner, Pasadena

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