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Since 1972

We’re sharing our recipe for success with new Franchise Owners across the country.

A Successful Business Model That Has Withstood The Test Of Time

We opened the doors to the first Miller’s Roast Beef® location back in 1972. Since that time, almost 50 years ago, we have remained a dining institution in an around East Providence, Rhode Island. Our claim to fame is that are a top roast beef restaurant, serving THE BEST roast beef sandwich that you will ever taste. We do this while also providing a variety of other mouthwatering sandwich options and exceptional, freshly-made sides that satisfy customers of all demographics.

Spanning three generations, Miller’s Roast Beef® is still a family-owned and operated business. People love Miller’s  roast beef restaurant and we are excited to begin providing our unique product and services to customers in other communities across the country. Franchise expansion doesn’t mean that we will cease to be family-owned, however. It just means that each new Franchise Owner and all of their customers become family, too. This is why our guiding philosophy has always been and always will be “Family Serving Family®“.

Miller's Roast Beef Food Franchise

Why Own A Miller’s Roast Beef®?

  • Superior Sandwiches – Our high-quality, Certified Angus Beef® is responsibly sourced from various family ranchers across the US, is prepared in-house, every day of the week, and is sliced right in front of the customer who ordered it. There is absolutely no replacement for a Miller’s Roast Beef sandwich.
  • Good, Old-Fashioned Customer Service – Our Franchise Owners seek to hire the best employees, all of whom provide consistently excellent customer service, regardless of where they’re at in the store. We take pride in our training program and how we make sure that our employees are the best in the business.
  • Freedom & Flexibility – Our hyper-focus on quality, performance, and profitability is combined with a simple, yet effective business model. This allows our Franchise Owners to work efficiently and maximize their chances of success.
  • Efficient Operations – For the last FIVE decades, we’ve been working towards achieving operational perfection within our business model. Our restaurants consistently sell thousands and thousands of sandwiches every year. So yeah, we’re just a little bit efficient.

Miller's Roast Beef Franchise Interior

Our Restaurant Model

Miller's Roast Beef FranchiseEvery Miller’s Roast Beef® location is based off of the look and feel of the original restaurant that was opened back in 1972. Details such as community tables, swivel stools, and warm wood tones are just a few of the ways that we recreate this atmosphere. A typical franchise location sits approximately 1,800 to 2,200 square feet and is located in a strip center, is free standing, or is found on a pad site in a shopping center. Our guidance and established decor packages, helps ensure that you are able to capture the Miller’s Roast Beef® environment in your own local restaurant and helps create an instant connection to your community

Store hours typically run between 10:30 AM – 9:00 PM. We’re able to take advantage of multiple day parts in lunch and dinner while making sure that all of the employees, Franchise Owner included, are home at a reasonable hour.

We also offer catering, gift cards, online ordering, and varying Miller’s Roast Beef® apparel. Most Miller’s locations are comprised of 2-3 managers and 12-15 part-time employees, depending on the size and location of your restaurant. For each shift, you will need at least 1 manager, 2 cashiers, and 2 employees handling food prep. The typical demographic of your employees will vary based off of your community.


  • True Ambassadors – We are looking for “True Ambassadors” – Franchise Owners who share our cultural values and who are looking at franchise opportunities like Miller’s Roast Beef® as an asset to their communities but who are also looking to be involved in their communities.
  • Business Minded – We are looking for entrepreneurs who have a background in food service or business management and who have the ability to make good, sound judgments. You’re honest, trustworthy, empathetic, and kind, but you’re not afraid of making tough, necessary decisions.
  • High-Quality Enthusiast – Qualified Franchise Owners will share our commitment towards high-quality products and excellent service. We don’t cut any corners at our roast beef restaurants, and it’s expected that our Franchise Owners won’t either.
  • Scalability – Having a growth mindset is a very important part of what we’re looking for in our Franchise Partners. An eye towards the future allows you to move your business forward, naturally, and position yourself and your team for growth.
Gwen Graham, President of Miller's Roast Beef, talks about their story.

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