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Mint Condition Master Franchise

Create Success on Your Own Terms. Build wealth with a Mint Condition Master Franchise.

Why Mint Condition?

The commercial cleaning industry has continued to grow to over $100 billion dollars annually. Leading the recession-proof industry is Mint Condition, the 94th fastest growing franchise in America. With cleaning services largely fragmented in most areas, a Mint Condition Master Franchisor can quickly establish our blend of quality cleaning and customer service in their desired market. When you become a Master Franchisor, we give you the rights and the opportunity you need to develop your own business in a protected geographic region.

We Know How You Feel, Because We’ve Been There

Mint Condition FranchiseMint Condition was founded by people who sat right where you are sitting now. We understand your frustrations and uncertainties. That’s how we know Mint Condition’s Master Franchise system is special – it’s a Wealth Building Machine!

Over 25 years, we’ve seen the growth of 400+ individual franchises. 

  • We can set you up with everything you need to succeed. Great training, a proven process, and plenty of support from an experienced team.
  • There’s never been a better opportunity to establish your own business, without taking on the risks that so many new businesses face.

Mint Condition Master Franchise

Here’s What We Offer: 

  • Multiple Profit Centers – Earn revenues through customer service contracts, but also through recruiting new franchisees.
  • Low Startup Costs – Reasonable startup costs, combined with low overhead, create a low threshold for entry… and plenty of opportunity to earn a big return on investment.
  • Fast Ramp-Up – We’ll provide you with all the support you need to get your business up and running. We won’t waste any time.
  • Cutting-Edge Sales Solutions – Gain access to our Bidding and Estimation Software, empowering you to customize accurate and efficient solutions for your customers.
  • Recurring Revenue – You’ll have predictable monthly income, sparing you from stress and economic uncertainty.
  • Protected Territory – You’ll never have to compete with other Mint Condition Master Franchisors. Your territory will be yours and yours alone.

With Mint Condition, Everyone’s a Winner

Our unique model is set up to ensure that everyone gets what they want.

  • For owner-operators, we offer low franchise start-up fees. And, we provide expert training and equipment, a complete managerial support team, and our innovative Revenue Replacement Program.
  • For customers, our consultative sales process works to address their needs and comply with their budgets. Facilities are expertly cleaned not only for appearance but also for health. For owner-operators and Master Franchisers, this means you can consistently exceed customer expectations!
  • For Master Franchisors, we offer the chance of owning and operating a recession-resistant business in a protected territory utilizing a model with multiple revenue streams.

Looking for financial freedom… without the stress?

Mint Condition FranchiseThe answer: Find a business model that offers the power of recurring revenues. Mint Condition has you covered.

Leave the static business model behind. 

  • Most businesses require new sources of revenue to be generated each month.
  • No matter how successful your month is in terms of sales, you are right back to zero at the start of the next month.
  • This ‘static’ business model can be stressful for business owners; each month they are faced with fixed expenses but no guaranteed source of income.

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