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Mobiledumps offers the nation’s first Dumpster Alternative; The Mobiledump! They provide a 14 cubic yard dumpster on wheels for 1 day, 2 day or 3 days. Their customer mix is 30% residential and 70 % commercial (repeatable business). They are scaling because their locations excel in customer service and their equipment is well imaged, clean and new. Customers can schedule and pay 24/7 and their Mobiledumps arrive on time both on delivery and pick up.

Mobiledumps is an easy business to understand and execute and highly scalable. Locations start with 1 truck and 3 Mobiledumps and are encouraged to add 3 Mobiledumps in 4-7 months. Franchisor provides IT system, operational and marketing support and training. They have partnered with a national marketing firm to have a full marketing strategy an plan and manage all aspects of the plan.

  • Low cost to entry
  • Highly scalable, recession proof
  • Not locked into long term leases or other brick and mortar exposure
  • Low staff requirement, can be home based
  • Full operational system and driver app to run business; full marketing support from corporate

Mobiledumps Franchise

Why buy a franchise from Mobiledumps?

  • Industry Best Technology
  • Proven Business Model
  • High Growth Opportunity
  • Ability to scale quickly
  • Recession Resistant
  • Modest Start Up Costs
  • Low stress and can be home based

Mobiledumps Franchise


  • Home Clutter & Staging
  • Home Remodel Projects
  • Garage Clean-Outs
  • Yard and Tree Debris
  • Estate Clean-outs
  • And many more


  • Construction Debris
  • Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel
  • Roof Shingles
  • Office Clean-outs
  • Foreclosure, Eviction clean-ups
  • And many more


Mobiledumps was started in late 2018 by Cam Morrison in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Cam is an accomplished entrepreneur who identified an unmet need in the market between the junk removal companies and the traditional roll off dumpster. Mobiledumps is a professional, timely, cost-effective dumpster service where residential and commercial customers can schedule the drop offs and pickups and manage the “throwing away process” on their time. He started with a couple trailers and was off and dumping.

If you want to be a part of Mobiledumps, you will need the ability to follow the Mobiledumps system and execute our proven business model. We want partners that are successful in building relationships and have a strong desire to succeed.

“It had nothing to do with the fact it was a dumpster business at all – it was about the brand and the people behind the brand. Right from the very start of the franchising process, it just felt like a fit. It’s a great business opportunity. Low cost to get into and the financial side makes sense. You don’t have to buy or lease a building, which is great. There is definitely a need for it on the residential and commercial side. We’re finding customers in places I never thought about. The ability to scale the business is there.”

Tony Wolverton

Mobiledumps Franchise Owner, Houston & San Antonio

“There is so much potential with this business. The industry is so fragmented and Mobiledumps provides a level of service that others don’t. It’s also very gratifying to be in charge of your own future. Having myself and my wife coming from the corporate world, that was everything to us!”

Claudine & Joel Sanchez

Mobiledumps Franchise Owner, Tampa, FL

“I was looking for something in home services. Something that isn’t going away – an industry that’s been around for years and will continue for years; trash! Mobiledumps whole model is focused on the brand and customer, providing that exceptional experience, and delivering on what you promise. That checked the box for me, because that’s what I want as a consumer.”

Ryan Morris

Mobiledumps Franchise Ownwer, Central Mass

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