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Mosquito Squad is North America’s first and most trusted mosquito eliminator. We’ve been protecting families from the dangers and nuisance of mosquitoes and ticks since 2005. As you explore, you will see how a mosquito control franchise can build your future while improving your community.

It Doesn’t Look Good for Insects!

At the rate The Squad has been growing, it doesn’t look good for biting insects. For 6 straight years we’ve been named to the Inc. Magazine “Fastest Growing Companies in the United States” List. Featuring a low initial investment and offering a unique opportunity to help communities and families enjoy the outdoors without mosquito bites, Mosquito Squad might be the right business to help you achieve your personal, financial and professional goals.


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  • Over 200 locations in operation and many more on the way.
  • Mosquito Squad has grown at an incredible rate over the last six years as recognized by Inc. Magazine.
  • We enjoy the strongest market share in the industry, by far.
  • Rapid increase in insect-borne illness cases being reported every day, causing consumer need and desire.
  • Chances are, there is an open market opportunity near you.

Mosquito Squad Franchise


Mosquito Squad Stands Apart from the Competition

and the numbers show it!

As the original mosquito eliminator, Mosquito Squad founded the outdoor pest control category and has enjoyed great success, building a large family of franchisees quickly. Not even 10 years ago, The Squad had approximately 15 locations, now it’s servicing well over 200 territories across the country and expanding internationally.

Even with our substantial growth, and increase in copy-cat competitors, we pride ourselves on providing a low investment franchise opportunity that allows our franchisees to reach their personal, lifestyle, and financial goals. In fact, here’s a side-by-side comparison between The Squad and the next largest player in the mosquito control industry.

If you want to pay more both upfront in the initial franchise fee and over time in the form of ongoing royalties and fees, while also having considerably less control over your local day-to-day operations as a franchise business owner, we encourage you to choose our competitor. If you want to have the support of the industry leader and largest brand in the space, while keeping more of your hard-earned revenue to achieve your personal goals that led you to invest in a franchise, then we encourage you to choose Mosquito Squad.

Mosquito Squad Franchise Opportunity


Discover if Mosquito Squad is for you

Mosquito SquadWhile pesky insects and biting bugs are no match for Mosquito Squad, your goals and business skills might just be the perfect match. We know what it takes to be a successful Mosquito Squad franchise operator. With steady growth, we have established some criteria of what may make us a fit for you:

  •  Would you enjoy helping your community and working with people?
  •  Would you enjoy organizing and managing a team?
  •  Are you open to working within established and proven systems?
  •  Do you have sufficient funds to meet the investment required?
  •  Does taking control of your lifestyle in a seasonally paced business sound appealing to you?
  •  Are you interested in protecting the health of families and businesses in your community?
  • Are you interested in building net worth for yourself and your family by building a successful business with a proven operating model?

These are just some of the questions we’ll ask as you work your way through the Mosquito Squad Discovery and Qualification Process where you’ll learn all parts of the business. Joining The Squad is a tremendous opportunity to pursue your personal, career, lifestyle, wealth, and income objectives. When making this kind of important business and lifestyle decision you will want to consider how well franchising and the Mosquito Squad brand align with your personal and business goals.

In order to define your goals as they relate to a pest control franchise, you can break it into 5 different categories:

  • Income – Your recurring and short-term earnings through employment and investments
  • Lifestyle – A manner of living that reflects your values and attitudes.
  • Wealth – Having plentiful material goods and money.
  • Equity – The interest in assets you have acquired and accumulated that can be unlocked someday through a sale.
  • Debt Elimination – The ability to live comfortably without being burdened and stressed by carrying debt.

As you discuss your goals and the Mosquito Squad opportunity with your franchise recruiter, we’ll discover if we’re the right fit for you and vice versa.

Mosquito Squad Franchise

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