Movita Juice Bar

Movita Juice Bar Franchise

Movita Juice Bar’s concept is second to none due to its “MoVita = More Life” theme and unique recipes and formulas. We have a simple formula for success: natural ingredients, great recipes, an experienced team of baristas and managers, and a friendly, welcoming environment.

Movita Juice Bar Franchise Overview

As a socially responsible company, Movita Juice Bar Franchise Corp. strives to be the top chain of health-conscious and eco-friendly juice bars. Our menu features a diverse range of freshly crafted juices, smoothies, açaí bowls, and nutritional supplements.

What sets us apart is our commitment to making all of our anchor products – juices, acai bowls, and smoothies – from fresh ingredients and only as they are ordered. We never pre-bottle our juices or use frozen fruits or vegetables. Plus, we don’t add sugar to any of our beverages. In essence, we offer “health” in every cup.

Movita Juice Bar Franchise


Movita Juice Bar Franchise Corp. operates in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. The main focus of our company is in the wellness and health segments. We embrace technologies available to the food service sector and some that are proprietary to ensure that our business model works smoothly to meet the unique expectations of today’s consumers.

Second to none, the Movita Juice Bar concept consists in the “MoVita = More Life” theme and the uniqueness of the recipes and formulas in our product line. Our formula for success is simple: quality natural ingredients, great recipes, a hard-working team of baristas and managers, and a welcoming, friendly ambience.

A juice bar concept that offers a full array of healthy options, including fresh, raw juices, smoothies, açaí bowls and nutritional supplements.

A socially responsible company that uses fresh fruits and veggies, high-quality ingredients, eco-friendly materials, and is always up to date with the latest trends to support healthy lifestyles.

Each store will offer at least four of the following five main categories of products within our line of fresh fruit creations: Natural Fruit Smoothies, Fresh-Squeezed Juices, Fruit Cocktails, Light Food (wraps and sandwiches), and Natural Supplements. All our products will be freshly prepared in the store using 100% natural ingredients.

Movita Juice Bar Franchise

A Win-Win Scenario:

Movita Juice Bar Franchise Corp. has developed, acquired, documented, and safeguarded valuable wisdom and know-how on how to successfully open and manage a profitable juice bar concept. Moreover, we have the resources and intellectual property to promote and protect the brand.


This is a typical question that entrepreneurs ask themselves. How do you know that you have what it takes to own and operate a franchise? There is no exact formula that can show who is ideal and who isn’t. However, there are certain traits, conditions, and skill sets that offer an advantage over other candidates.

  • CAPITAL: Do you have the funds available or have you identified adequate funding sources to open a franchise store?
  • CAPACITY: Do you have the time, capacity, or a person who can handle the store operations successfully?
  • CHARACTER: Do you have the personality to be part of this industry? (Hospitality, service, responsibility, ethics)
  • COMPLEMENTARY: Do you have skills or experience that reinforces the operation of the franchise store?

“As a franchisee, you want to be able to trust the company you’re investing in. Movita Juice Bar is just that—they have great leaders in place along with a growing brand recognition. The company has been very supportive and has great systems in place to help you be successful.

One of the reasons we chose Movita Juice Bar was because of the products that we’re selling to our customers. Our customers are consuming fresh products filled with great nutrients that enrich the body with so many health benefits. We enjoy serving exceptional products to our clients, and we are happy that we made the decision to become franchisees.”

John E. Corona,

Movita Juice Bar Franchise Owner

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