Neighborhood Barre

We are excited to offer others the opportunity to turn what they love into what they do by franchising Neighborhood Barre™ to qualified individuals. Give your community the studio it needs and grow with a company who is founded on individuality and the true entrepreneurial spirit.


  • We are an emerging brand! We will actually know your name, and care about YOUR studio. You will never be just a number to us!
  • Lower costs to get started. Since we are an emerging brand our franchise fee, and initial investment costs are lower than some other studios in the industry!
  • You get to pick your finishes! We always feel like we belong in your neighborhood. Our style is boutique, and we pride ourselves on not feeling like a “chain”.
  • Our CEO and founder, Katy Richardson, creates all of the choreography for our studio workouts and tests out every instructor that teaches for NEIGHBORHOOD barre.
  • We stay on the forefront of the industry trends. We will never let the workout get stale or dated! Our business model incorporates a clean, safe, and convenient childcare option to help broaden your market share!

“I started as a client in Knoxville five years ago, and my love for barre developed into a passion that I eventually pursued full-time. Neighborhood Barre truly emphasizes its namesake to not only its clients but its staff and ultimately its franchisees. It’s local and approachable, and it’s individualized to your community. I am so excited to expand to my second location in Nashville this summer!” – Kelly – Wowner, NB Nashville

Not all barre studios are the same.

At NEIGHBORHOOD barre, our classes are fast-paced, have a high calorie burn, and our instructors are welcoming and encouraging, providing both upper and lower level modifications for all fitness levels.

During our 55-minute sessions, you will experience a full-body workout that incorporates weight training, isometrics, dance-conditioning, and strategically placed stretching. Our workouts are well-rounded and balanced and are proven to produce body-changing results in as little as two weeks, if done consistently.

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