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Network In Action Franchise

What makes Network In Action Different?  Our members consistently use one word to define their personal experiences: Professional. Network In Action helps small to mid-sized businesses expand and enhance the local business community. And, we’re the only franchise in America that offers a “Try Before You Buy” initiative, meaning for a limited time, qualified candidates* have the chance to have a trial run as a Network In Action group leader before actually making any monetary commitment.


Build Powerful Groups Using Our Proven Model Of Business Networking.

NIA applies innovative principles to an industry that has long needed an update!

There are an estimated 28 million small business in the United States and every one of them needs some type of marketing plan. According to our research if a business just has the funds for one marketing effort, networking provides the greatest return on investment! The average business owner does not have 100 plus hours annually to attend weekly business networking meetings. NIA’s monthly meetings opens up an entire new market of business owners who wish to network. Additionally, by offering monthly meetings NIA groups tend to enjoy more owners as members than a group that meets weekly. That subset of the population is likely to grow in the coming years not decline! Research further shows that if a business owner receives a recommendation from a trusted source they have a 76% chance of earning that business.  It is a great time to join the revolution in business networking!

Network In Action Franchise

Why Network In Action?

  • Training – All franchisees are given a 40 hour program of comprehensive training from our corporate staff. You will become a certified expert in business networking and be among a rare group of people who can actually network for a living! Once the basics are complete, we are there for ongoing support and help on your path to success!
  • Group Leadership – Establish a solid rapport among your local community of business professionals. Creating a strong synergistic networking business is a great way to establish a reputation as the go to person in your area.
  • Success – With Network In Action’s networking business model business owners will pay a premium to be a part of your group. Your success will depend on your efforts and ability to carry out the plan.

Network In Action Franchise

Network in Action vs. The Competition – 4 Reasons to Choose Us

It’s true – our franchise owners are friendly, well-trained, seasoned connectors, and are genuinely interested in the needs of their members. Our professionally-lead networking groups is one differentiator of our model, but we would like to share with you a few more reasons why entrepreneurs choose to franchise with NIA:

Monthly Meeting Structure

Business owners care about results and efficiency, which is why many would jump at the chance to join a professionally run networking group that meets monthly vs. weekly. By offering our members a once-a-month meeting option, we find that individuals who have traditionally passed on networking opportunities will join, and also often refer to other business owners and friends to join as well. As an NIA group leader, the growth and satisfaction of your groups are critical to your success – and we will make sure you reach those goals.

Provided Agendas

Did you know that each NIA meeting is professionally scripted? That’s right – to ensure that each member’s time is respected, our agendas for our monthly meetings are scripted. It’s a great convenience to our members, but our group leaders also benefit. NIA franchise partners do not need to worry about how they will structure their meetings or if they will provide consistency for their members – we do the work for them!

Guaranteed ROI

No other networking organization offers an ROI guarantee. Network in Action does this with a simple calculation method and members’ commitment to attend monthly meetings and pass referrals. Plus, our focus on technology makes powerful networking fast for members, which allows Network In Action group leaders to recruit and maintain members in order to grow their business. More members = more ROI.


As mentioned above, NIA is superior in developing relationships because of our state-of-the-art technology, which includes an internal website and smartphone app. Through our fast and intuitive interface, members are able to pass and track referrals with ease, start discussions, post status updates, videos, announcements, pictures, and much more. Plus, group leaders can take advantage of our technology as well. Through a smartphone app specifically designed for them, group leaders have access to educational videos on how to run their business, how to recruit members, how to lead meetings, and more.

We have studied networking across the country and looked at each offering out there. We can confidently say that NIA is the only player in the industry who offers professionally-run, monthly meetings with great technology, opposed to networking groups that meet weekly and are run by volunteers with little or no technology. Our concept is truly unique, and we are ready to grow with qualified entrepreneurs in attractive markets across the country.

Network In Action Franchise

What is Network In Action?

Network In Action is revolutionizing business networking with our franchise ownership opportunity. If you’re interested in learning more about joining our nationwide expansion, here’s what you need to know:

As a Network In Action group leader, your role is to provide leadership as you form relationships with local business owners who are looking for ways to improve outcomes for their businesses in a cost-effective way.

Additional responsibilities of a NIA franchise owner:

  • Build out a dynamic group of business owners that you want to work with
  • Run a monthly 90 minute meeting. NIA provides the agendas for the meetings, so that each meeting is interactive and engaging for the business owners.
  • Manage group attendance

To find the entrepreneurs who we feel will succeed in this business, we partner with outgoing people who love to serve customers and make a difference in people’s lives. While “networking” is the business we are in, our focus is on people and how we can help them grow their business.


Network In Action Franchise For Executives

“I was looking for a networking group that would take me to the next level. I found out about Network In Action and went to a meeting and was really just blown away…”

Stacy Harris

“It’s just been perfect for me. I’ve always love connecting people. Now I just do it with businesses… It’s very exciting. I love being my own boss. I decide when I go on vacation. Nobody else does”.

Barbara Anne Konik

“Network In Action is the best thing to happen to me in years”.

Rich Iazzetti

“If you want to be around like-minded people all the time, I highly encourage someone to take a look at it. It’s been the most fun 18 months for me that I’ve had in I-can’t-tell-you-how-long after a career in radio. I’m really loving what I’m doing just because I know I’m making a difference in many of my members lives”.

Moose Rosenfeld

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