NexGenEsis Healthcare

NexGenEsis Healthcare Franchise

Patients at our physician-supervised clinics have access, when clinically appropriate, to treatments including platelet-rich plasma, alpha 2 macroglobulin, and bone marrow aspirate injections derived from their own body, to enhance and speed the body’s natural healing ability.

NexGenEsis HEALTHCARE Franchise Overview

Invest in one of our market-tested business models regardless of your healthcare experience. 

Our Business Opportunity

  • Start a Clinic (Investor Model) – Demand for regenerative therapies is on a significant growth trajectory over the next decade, with the global marketplace expanding at a 16% growth rate. The NexGenEsis model provides savvy business owners the resources they need to start a healthcare franchise without a background in the industry.
  • Start a Clinic: (Medical Professional Model) – Run your own Regenerative Therapy Franchise. Are you dedicated to innovative treatments and quality patient care but uncertain about the business operations of an independent clinic? A NexGenEsis franchise can provide you with the confidence you need in all aspects of business operations.
  • Convert a Clinic – Converting your clinic to the NexGenEsis Healthcare model is a simple and straightforward process. With our marketing experience, proven systems, training, and guidance, you’ll see a demonstrable return on your investment while remaining an independent owner.
  • Add Service to a Clinic – Generate more revenue through a partnership with NexGenEsis. You can offer additional treatment options for existing patients. We’ll help you leverage your current staff and space resources to generate additional revenue at very little additional cost for you.

NexGenEsis Healthcare Franchise

Why Regenerative Therapies?

A $10B Industry With Tremendous Growth Potential

  • Remarkable Growth – A $10B industry in 2020, regenerative therapies are forecasted to grow at 16% annually, reaching $17.9B by 2025.
  • Limited Competition – Regenerative therapies are an emerging healthcare service. They are rarely offered in regenerative-dedicated clinics.
  • Recession Resistant – Healthcare is not an area most people “cut back” in when tightening their budgets.


When it comes to partnerships, it’s good to know if your passions and skills complement those of your partner. Among other things, these are some indicators that you could be a successful franchisee.

  1. Commitment to Patient Care – Our commitment to patient care starts with our founder, Dr. Greg Picou. An innovative medical professional, Dr. Picou is always looking for alternative care methodologies that enhance the well-being of his patients through natural means. We model exceptional patient care methods and look for franchisees who are inspired to do the same.
  2. Inspired by Emerging Therapies – The market for regenerative therapies is just beginning and will experience rapid growth over the next decade. Analysts project approximately 16% annual growth rates for the industry with an anticipated global market value of almost $18 Billion by 2025.
  3. Have the Resources – Starting a healthcare clinic, even for an in-demand service, is a big investment of time and capital. We’ve created an effective clinic model that sets you up for success right from the start. The initial investment for a clinic typically ranges from $175,000 – $350,000. This includes everything needed to start your clinic.


If you currently have a clinic of at least 1000 sq. ft., including a waiting area and administrative space, adding NexGenEsis services should be no problem. If any of your exam or treatment rooms are underused, even better. As long as you have a room to examine patients, a room to administer treatments, and a lab space to prepare injections, you have all the space needed to add the NexGenEsis brand to your clinic.

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