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Paramount Tax Franchise

At Paramount Tax, we’re known for providing comprehensive tax preparation and financial services to organizations, individuals and small to medium-sized businesses.

Paramount Tax Franchise Opportunity

At Paramount Tax, we’re known for providing comprehensive tax preparation and financial services to organizations, individuals and small to medium-sized businesses with medium to complex tax returns.

By consistently delivering high quality services, we’ve built a reputation for integrity among clients seeking accurate, expert guidance on a variety of tax and business needs. We’re ready to share the methods we’ve used to build a million-dollar tax firm through a Paramount Tax franchise to help you build a successful firm of your own.

Paramount Tax Franchise

The Paramount Difference

  • Services: We provide tax preparation, tax planning and a variety of financial services, including: small business accounting, payroll services, estate planning, and more.
  • Support: Through our franchise partnership, you’ll have an opportunity to access more capital, expert support and increased visibility.
  • Reputation: We are creating a network of tax franchises run by owners who have been carefully selected for the quality and reputation of their business experience and commitment to their client success. Our clients meet directly with a licensed professional to ensure higher quality returns and often bigger refunds.

Why Our Franchise?

Paramount Tax FranchiseNo national CPA firm currently handles tax preparation for small to medium-sized businesses and their owners.

Paramount Tax is filling the void currently handled by numerous small and unassociated CPA firms. We are in several states already, and we plan to become the nation’s largest CPA firm, in terms of locations.

We’re confident that by providing the kind of expert financial advice, increased visibility, and effective marketing, we can help our partners with new or existing tax preparation firms obtain unparalleled success.

How can we compete with those big box firms?

It’s simple: Because we’re CPAs and they’re not. There’s a reason we’ve doubled in size many years in a row.

When tax clients outgrow the expertise of the big box firms, Paramount Tax is the next logical, national choice. As established leaders in tax guidance, accounting support, and financial services, our clients trust Paramount’s licensed professionals to deliver accurate and expert advice on a variety of business and personal needs.

Paramount’s Proven Success

We know what it takes to quickly create a million-dollar tax firm.

While we can’t guarantee those results for everyone, we have a proven approach that includes the training, network, support, marketing systems, and resources needed to help you get there.

Part of the value that Paramount Tax offers isn’t based solely on its ability to help a franchise owner create a highly successful firm, it’s also the speed in which it’s able to do it. This can make Paramount a more compelling choice compared with trying build a business on your own or buying a firm with only modest growth.

Paramount Tax Franchise

Initial Paramount Tax Franchise Investment

The initial investment cost for a new Paramount Tax franchise depends on how your business is set up at the time of investment.

If you meet some initial investment requirements, we can help you join the Paramount Tax franchise network. Startup costs depend on your current business situation.

Starting from a home office or an existing tax office with no large build-out expenses would represent the low end of the investment range.

At the high end, startup costs cover potential franchisees who are not already involved in an existing business. These entrepreneurs would need to acquire basics such as office space, furniture, and any other necessary materials before joining the Paramount Tax franchise model.

Franchise with Ongoing Training & Support

Your success is crucial to us. We don’t grow without helping you grow. Think of us as a kind of partner.

Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, you’ll be leveraging the experience of our flagship office which was able to achieve 100% year-over-year client growth for 8 straight years.

Paramount Tax management will provide franchisees with a week-long initial training at our Utah headquarters, or another designated location, starting about two to four weeks before your scheduled business opening.

Early instruction covers administrative, operational, sales and marketing details and includes a generous amount of on-the-job training to familiarize you, and potentially your assistant or office manager, with our services.

Ideal Candidate to Franchise?

Paramount Tax isn’t for everyone. Paramount Tax franchises attract a more discerning client, often small to mid-size businesses and individuals with medium to complex tax return needs.

To meet that demand, we seek out licensed professionals like CPAs, EAs, and Tax Attorneys ready to start a thriving tax and accounting business.

A good “franchise fit” is someone who’s totally committed to serving their clients at the highest level possible and therefore committed to ongoing personal development. It’s that kind of person that will not only get the most from our community of professionals but will be able to contribute as well.

You might be a CPA with a small to medium-sized firm proud to be running a good business but would like to accelerate significantly your growth.

Or maybe you’re someone with extensive business experience, a business consultant, or business broker and would be willing to approach Paramount Tax with a CPA or EA partner to expand your service offerings, we have a plan for you!

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