Peachwave Frozen Yogurt & Gelato

Peachwave Franchise

Since 2009, Peachwave has been a pioneer in developing an innovative brand licensing system. Unlike franchise brands, Peachwave does not charge our licensed store operators royalties, marketing fees, or franchising fees. We believe this philosophy greatly helps our store owners to thrive in the communities we serve. As we look to the future, our mission, vision, and values will inspire and guide.

Peachwave Frozen Yogurt & Gelato Overview

Our experienced team—with many decades of restaurant experience—guides you every step of the way, ensuring you’re equipped with the training, tools, technology, and products to thrive before, during, and after opening. From the very beginning, our team will work with you to identify a store solution and business plan that meets your goals and budget.

Peachwave Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Peachwave stores are available in many formats and sizes. Whether it’s navigating construction, receiving advanced marketing coaching, access to an ever expanding portfolio of healthier, tasty products and 110+ flavor recipes, or quickly obtaining operational knowledge, you’ll save time and money with our support in countless ways.


  • No Fees or Royalties – higher net profit margins than most traditional storefront restaurants
  • Healthier/diverse menu that is made fresh daily in-store and appeals to all
  • Expert Support- be in business for yourself not by yourself

Peachwave Frozen Yogurt Franchise


  • Dine-In Self-Service – Traditional “Brick & Mortar” layout (including drive thru options).
  • Mobile Trailer – Sell just about anywhere
  • Express – Small format for space usage inside an existing business (i.e. store, concession stand, family entertainment center, etc.).
  • Kiosks – Freestanding counter format (i.e food courts, cafeterias).

If you have an idea that might fit our existing store service solutions, give us a call! We always enjoy a good challenge to solve new ways to expand Peachwave. If you have an “out-of-the-box” idea, we’d love to hear about it!


Peachwave licensees receive free individualized coaching every step of the way because we understand the importance of winning together! We provide personal off-site, pre-open training before and throughout your construction phase. Your Peachwave coach will also provide extensive in-store training leading up to your grand opening (you will only pay travel costs). And, you will get ongoing operational support from your expert Peachwave coach after you open because we know that running a store invites a lot of new questions! Our 24/7 online Peachwave University provides you access to valuable training tools whenever you’d like.


We love to work with people who are energetic about their store, are passionate about engaging with their communities, and thrive by learning from and inspiring others. Peachwave® provides the upfront guidance and training to build, equip, market and operate your store. After opening, we empower you while providing ready-to-serve support from an experienced team who understands your business.

With Peachwave, you don’t have to wait years to make your dreams a reality. Depending on the store option you choose, you could be up and running in as little as a few months!

Peachwave Frozen Yogurt - We're Not Like The Other Guys

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