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There are tremendous personal and financial rewards to owning a Pet Passages® location.

Pet Passages Franchise Overview

Join one of the fastest growing professions in the nation.

Thank you for your interest in opening a Pet Passages® franchise. Pet Passages® is the most prestigious and quality-controlled brand for pet cremation professionals who would like to improve their pet loss business or enter the pet loss market quickly, effortlessly, and profitably. The current market landscape allows for incredible returns while simultaneously offering a service every community desperately needs.

As you’ll learn, or maybe you have experienced, there is a significant lack in pet cremation and funeral services that is at a high level of care, professionalism, and customer service. Pet Passages® fills that void and the journey to industry-leader is deeply rooted in the background and story of our founder.

Pet Passages Franchise


  • Minimal startup costs
  • Up and running in as little as five months
  • Corporate support every step of the way
  • Margins of up to 30% or more
  • Return on investment in as little as 12- to 18-months

About the Founder

Pet Passages FranchiseMy name is Michael Harris, Founder and President of Pet Passages®. I am a third-generation licensed funeral home director and worked in my family’s funeral home for over 20 years. In 2008 when I suddenly lost my two best friends, Rottweilers Luke and Hannah, I searched extensively for compassionate pet funeral and cremation options that fit with what I was accustomed to at traditional funeral homes. Shockingly I never found what I was looking for, and even worse, I was constantly met with unprofessionalism and a serious lack of dignity and compassion for my beloved pets. Right then and there I made the decision to devote my life to creating a compassionate space and experience worthy of our pets—some of the most integral members of our families.

A business born out of something so personal and so important to me has set the company on a path to be an industry leader. You won’t find another operation like Pet Passages® in any major cities across the US. This makes owning a Pet Passages® franchise an incredible responsibility and an exciting opportunity on the frontier of something so desperately needed in our society.


As you can imagine, the selection process for potential franchisees is thorough. We often find that our best owner-operator candidates share a deep passion for pets or have a story similar to my own. Our desire is to be up-front and transparent with some of the pre-requisites we look for in a franchisee.

We look for owners that:

  • Demonstrate a genuine love and compassion for animals
  • Have outstanding organizational skills
  • Can follow operational procedures and administrative guidelines
  • Exhibit high personal, moral, and ethical standards
  • Possess strong customer service skills
  • Are or have been pet parents
  • Experienced a loss of a pet
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