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On most construction sites, contractors are required by law to have a waste container and a porta-toilet. For contractors, this results in two phone calls, two invoices, two pick-ups and multiple pick up charges. Redbox+ is a patented roll off container and porta-toilet in one. Eliminating work and saving money for contractors.

Become a Redbox+ DUMPSTERS Franchise 

Become part of the $60 billion dollar waste management industry

  • Control your own destiny –  As an owner of a redbox+ franchise, you’ll have the support to truly control your own business destiny.
  • Invest in your own future – redbox+ franchises are available now and over 30 territories are already owned. Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of the $60 billion dollar waste management industry.
  • Tap into an exclusive U.S. patent – The patented redbox+ system is uniquely designed to be a portable toilet and roll-off box combination. This one-of-a-kind system gives you a competitive advantage.
  • Two services, one truck – This one-of-a-kind system gives your job sites the two critical services you need. The redbox+ system is designed to be a portable toilet and roll-off box combination.
  • redbox+ can do it all – Whether you are in construction, roofing, landscaping, remodeling or flood and fire restoration redbox+ is perfect for all your projects. Green, clean and seen.

The redbox+ system is uniquely designed to be a portable toilet and roll-off box combination


redbox+ franchise system offers a unique and protected concept never seen before in the waste disposal industry. Featuring our one-of-a-kind U.S. Patent, our combination portable restroom-waste containers has been called the first major innovation in the waste management industry in over 20 years.

How it works

Redbox+ Franchiseredbox+ waste disposal containers are engineered to accommodate two portable restrooms; a patented design never seen in the roll-off and waste management industries. Containers are suited for use in commercial, new home construction, as well as remodeling, roofing, window and siding, and landscaping projects. The application is pretty much universal.

redbox+ trucks house a pump and vacuum system to service the portable restrooms. The pump and vac system includes holding tanks for both fresh and waste-water. This allows the portable restrooms to be serviced and cleaned on-site before the contents of the container are disposed of. Containers are serviced and returned to the job site after disposal.

The Redbox+ DUMPSTERS Business System

Redbox+ FranchiseThe redbox+ business system is a defined implementation process. This process is captured through well organized, highly detailed and comprehensive operation protocols documented in the redbox+ Operations Manual. Primary components of the redbox+ business system include:

– Establishing the Business Infrastructure
– Process Management; Operating the Business
– Strategic Marketing and Brand Development

– Operating Systems and Procedures
– Lead Generation & Sales
– Vendor/Product Management

Major components of the redbox+ business system are further defined and supported by an assemblage of in-depth functions and processes. redbox+ understands the importance of taking a systems approach in building efficient and successful franchise outlets.


Roofers, commercial contractors, new home builders, remodelers, window and siding, water (flood) and fire remediation, and demolition companies are just a few who have found our two-in-one waste containers a perfect fit for their job sites.

Redbox+ FranchiseHigh-performance equipment giving our franchisees a competitive advantage and a professional image serves as the foundation of our business model. With unparalleled fuel economy, an industry-leading five-year warranty and built-in Toyota quality, Hino trucks are a great choice for redbox+ franchise owners. And with comfortable interiors, high visibility and, super low noise levels, our franchises enjoy a driving experience that is second to none.


The redbox+ system gives you two services with one call. No more needing to use two different vendors for your roll-off and portable toilet needs, you don’t get two invoices and best of all you keep your crew on site with a service that they need.

The Matejka Family and redbox+

In 1975 my dad started out with a pick-up truck, hard work, a commitment to care for his customers, and a burning desire to provide for his family. That work ethic is the foundation of our company…then and now. With hard work and dedication we continued to grow our family business adding a roll-off dumpster division, and two MSW transfer stations.

As a 30 year veteran in the waste industry and after servicing thousands of construction sites, I always took note of how the portable restrooms and waste containers seemed to be randomly placed. The idea for redbox+ came to me as I thought about ways to increase efficiency and convenience for our customers and how we could carve-out a niche in the waste disposal marketplace.

Redbox+ by the numbers

  • 1526 Dumpsters in use
  • 5,623 Tons of waste moved
  • 493 Cities served
  • 100% satisfied customers
Redbox+ Dumpsters Franchise Brand
Redbox+ helps you get customers

We are into full swing mode now. More orders than we can handle. Homeowners love having the shiny redbox+ containers in their yard.

Rick Foreman

redbox+ owner Minneapolis, MN

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