Reliable Facility Group

Reliable Facility Group Franchise

Reliable Facility Group is a modern, innovative commercial cleaning franchise that’s designed for franchisees to build their own highly automated, high margin, commercial cleaning company. Incorporate specially designed marketing and proven methods to win an incredible customer base full of high quality, recurring revenue, large medical facility clients. We are an emerging brand, Prime Markets are currently available until taken!

Reliable Facility Group – Commercial Cleaning – Franchise

Supporting motivated entrepreneurs and providing them with a solid business model is the entire mission of the Reliable Facility Group Franchise Team. Each Reliable Facility Group location specifically exists to create a world where cleaning isn’t a headache. Customer Obsession, Passion for Innovation, Commitment to Developing People, and Long-Term Thinking guide our unmatched approaches to the out-of-date methods of the commercial cleaning industry. Our focus goes far beyond cleaning “better” than our competitors. You win with us by leveraging cutting-edge business practices, systems, tools, and automation. This results in a streamlined operation that attracts, develops, and retains the highest caliber individuals the industry has to offer.

Reliable Facility Group Franchise

What We Do

Our team members work in teams of two or more, to clean mid-size medical facility buildings, as well as other professional properties that may include:

  • Private education facilities
  • Industrial buildings
  • Banking institutions
  • Municipal buildings
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Religious properties

Reliable Facility Group Franchise

Services We Provide

  • Janitorial Services: This is our bread and butter. Target customers are serviced 5 days per week, but we are able to serve 7 days per week. The scope of janitorial services is dusting, trash removal, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, surface sanitizing, refilling supplies, cleaning glass, removing cobwebs, cleaning bathrooms, and general light cleaning of areas. We believe in constantly advancing with updated methods and technology. When customers choose us, they know that we take their facility’s cleaning seriously.
  • Supply Management: We take charge of keeping customers’ supplies restocked and in good order.
  • Vendor Management: Customers sometimes don’t have time to vet vendors for other services. We do this on their behalf and it also connects us with other opportunities in our market.
  • Other Services: Disinfection, deep cleaning, and floor services.

The Opportunity

Get more than just a business model with recurring revenue, constant demand, and fragmented competition. With a Reliable Facility Group franchise, you will get:

  • Unmatched automation designed to give you freedom
  • Tested marketing methods that are constantly being honed
  • Clear step-by-step process from launching to scaling your business
  • Access to a constantly innovating group of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • True business training that takes you beyond the basics
  • Support that solely exists to help you in every phase of your business
  • Operate a business model built on up-front payments to minimize cash flow and collections challenges

Reliable Facility Group Franchise

Training and Support

Here are just some of the ways we can help you become a cleaning franchise owner with Reliable Facility Group:

  • START-UP GUIDANCE – We will provide guidance and specifications as you take the initial steps toward launching your business. During initial training, we will cover launching a cleaning business and then how to amplify your results using our systems.
  • FULL ENTREPRENEURIAL TRAINING – We believe in training beyond just the basics of cleaning and using software. Yes, we will cover those, but our initial and ongoing training is also designed to equip and empower you to build your business at a high level. We do initial training both at our headquarters and onsite in your own protected territory. And, we’ll be there to guide you during ongoing operations.
  • DRIVEN COMMUNITY – We are all building our businesses together and want to help take each other to new heights. Sharing ideas and practices is vitally important to how we stay on the cusp of doing business effectively.
  • DETAILED DOCUMENTATION – Our confidential operations manual details the important aspects of running your Reliable Facility Group medical cleaning franchise, from key operational procedures and equipment maintenance, to finances, reporting, key business management topics, modern methods, and more.
  • TECHNOLOGY AND TEAM-BUILDING TOOLS – We provide you with guidance on operations management platforms, along with a proprietary system designed to streamline and optimize crew member hiring and retention, which is often the number one challenge in other cleaning companies
  • MARKETING SUPPORT – Maximum ROI and Cashflow are our goals with marketing. We’ve developed a specific marketing method that cracks into the hard-to-reach medical space. You can also access brand guidelines, marketing templates, plus lead generation, and local campaign guidance, to help build awareness in your area.
  • ONGOING SUPPORT – We are always just a phone call or email away to answer any questions or assist you in any way.

What is it?

  • A commercial cleaning franchise that applies the latest automation technology, cost effective targeted marketing, and modern management methods to the outdated commercial cleaning industry.
  • This franchise prioritizes franchisees first by allowing the business to be started from home, and by avoiding unnecessary costly expenses.
  • Their business model provides for recurring revenue with up-front payments every month to eliminate cashflow limitations and the hassle of collection challenges
  • If you’re looking for an opportunity with low overhead and advanced automation, Reliable Facility Group is your franchise!
  • Primary Territory is currently available until taken!

How does it make money?

  • Primary revenue is janitorial services accompanied by supply management, vendor management, and deep cleaning services
  • Reliable Facility Group specializes in winning and serving the medical facility market. Most cleaning services struggle to break into the medical market, but Reliable Facility Group has proven the way for franchisees to rapidly build a portfolio of high demand, recession resistant, and loyal medical facility customers.
  • The same methods can be used to win the rest of your market: private education, industrial, banks & institutions, executive offices, etc.

Who is it for?

  • First-Time Business Owners who are ready to become their own boss!
  • Investors looking for a recession resistant, highly automated, low cost, high margin business to add to their portfolio

What would you do as a franchisee?

  • Execute our protected marketing method to win ideal medical facilities
  • Meet with interested customers who want you to provide them a proposal for recurring cleaning services
  • Oversee the automated hiring system and build a team you love
  • Launch new accounts as you win proposals
  • Establish management within your company to run your business for you and hold them accountable

**0% APR Financing Available**

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