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RockBox Fitness Franchise

RockBox Fitness is so much more than a kickboxing gym. It is a state-of-the-art boutique fitness studio in a fight-club meets night club fitness atmosphere. Our proven model is built for growth, speed and structured to generate sales from pre-opening forward.

RockBox is a Boxing-Based Fitness Franchise


If you’re ready to invest in your professional growth and your community, RockBox Fitness offers an exciting opportunity to not only change your life but also make a difference in the lives of others. We are a boxing-based gym franchise that is one of the fastest-growing brands in the fitness industry.

RockBox Fitness Franchise


Life is short, and you should work to live – not the opposite. At RockBox, our owners come from various backgrounds, but our boxing franchise is particularly appealing to executives who are looking to break free from the corporate lifestyle.

Our Boxing Gym is Different from Others

The difference between us and other gym franchises is that we are focused on results – in both our business and our members’ workouts. Great gym franchises generate high revenue AND make great bodies.

RockBox Kickboxing Franchise


From negotiating the lease to building out your box, recruiting your team to financing your investment, team training to business marketing, our experts will be with you every step of the way.

  • Turn-Key Business Systems to get you from point A – signing your Franchise Agreement – to point B – building a strong business and transforming the lives in your community. We hand you a proven playbook to help you get there.
  • Industry-Leading Marketing Programs to ensure you can build your member community quickly – even before you open your doors.
  • Unparalleled Sales and Operations Training to help you recruit, train, and continue to develop your studio staff members with weekly coaching calls, site visits, an online education platform, and more.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, past business owner, real estate investor, or executive looking for a career change, our proven business model will provide you with the ease of ownership, ongoing support structures, and opportunity to join the RockBox movement.

 Our unique, fight-club meets night club atmosphere is one of our biggest differentiators! We start off each class by creating an immersive experience for every member that walks through the door.

RockBox Fitness Franchise

Built for Growth. Built for Speed

With our multi-unit and area development opportunities, there is limitless growth for future RockBox owners to build their own fitness communities. We are seeking passionate leaders who want to join a successful brand in a $32 Billion industry. A potentially stellar return on investment is only one of the benefits of joining our company. As a boxing gym franchise owner, you’ll join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and work with one of the top teams in the industry.

Our franchise owners benefit because our business model is superior to others in our industry. Our gym franchisees have the opportunity to scale soon after their launch and expand through multiple revenue streams.

  • Results-Driven Model: Proven and data-baked business model and product that enables you to find operational success.
  • Ongoing Support: Complete operational and sales training tools that enable you to achieve your business, financial, and personal goals.
  • Area Developer Program: Benefit from recurring revenue and extensive incentives through multi-unit development.
  • Managed Member Acquisition Center (MMAC): This call center will allow us to help you increase your membership, relieving your team of some pressure.


At RockBox Fitness, our success as a company is dependent on the success of each of our franchise owners. That’s why we offer assistance every step of the way. From site selection to creating the right promotional campaigns to developing member retention strategies and beyond, the RockBox team of experts is always in your corner and will be there to support you throughout the life of your business.

Every choice you make is a building block in the foundation of a strong business, which is why we’ve developed RockBox University. This comprehensive program is designed to bring you up to speed on our gym franchise experience as quickly as possible. We combine online training with dedicated classroom time and then pair that with hands-on experience in the studios to ensure you are prepared to crush your opening. From A – Z, RockBox has your back.

  • Site Selection: In this business, location is important. We help you choose the best possible site for your studio based on everything from population size to market preference.
  • Operations: How should you structure your classes? How can you best apply our financial model to your members? Which questions should you ask during the hiring process to pinpoint the candidate’s real motivations? How should you set up your gym to maximize space? These are all serious questions that require careful consideration and planning. Our training program gives you everything you need to start making these decisions quickly.
  • Training: Training is key to giving your team members the confidence they need when working with your members.
  • Marketing: The right marketing campaign can generate excitement long before you ever open your doors. Whether it’s social media or print ads, we help you understand where your customers are and how they can best find you.


  • Strong sales experience
  • Management experience
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Community and family oriented
  • Authentic desire to help people
  • Health-conscious
  • Ability to follow and execute a process
  • Multi-unit capable
  • No fitness experience required!

Making the choice to buy a franchise is an important decision. Rest assured that you are supported by a team that takes their work seriously and knows how important it is to get out of the gate quickly. You literally have a corner person ‘in the fight’ with you to ensure you have the guidance, support, and help you need to be victorious.

“Wow, what a journey it has been! I will never forget the day when I had my first phone call with Zac Celaya [RockBox Fitness Vice President of Development]. I was in and out of over 35 gyms in a 3 month timespan trying to find my perfect fit. Do you know what stood out with RockBox? I could pick up the phone and call at any time. I knew Zac was going to answer. I was about to make the biggest decision of my life at 25 years old and Zac promptly [answered] each one [of my questions] with an honest and genuine answer. It is very hard to overlook great morals and someone who is honest with you. The franchise worked with me every step of the way! Being 25, you can only imagine how much guidance I needed through this journey. RockBox was with me weekly and some weeks daily. We knew we had to stall to let this pandemic settle. I had someone ask me the other day ‘Are you nervous about opening a business?’ I thought to myself…I have never been nervous the whole time. 1) I have been preparing myself for this my whole life, and 2) I have had an amazing franchise by my side. They were not going to let me fail.”

Seaton Sheldon

ROCKBOX, Bowling Green, KY

“I left the corporate world, I was in pharmaceutical sales for 14 years. I was feeling pretty uninspired and unmotivated in my career. I was making a good living, but knew there was more to life. I get so much joy making direct connections with people and love helping people succeed and be their best self. That along with my passion for fitness – RockBox seemed like a perfect fit. I love health and fitness and anything active and took the plunge and bought a franchise. I was the 5th franchise to open in the US. If you truly want to help others change their lives and have a lot of fun doing it than owning a RockBox is for you!”

Kim Ryan

ROCKBOX, Pacific Beach, CA

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