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Rush Bowls Franchise

Rush Bowls Franchise Overview

Rush Bowls is a proven concept, pioneering the açaí bowl (and other bowls) market since 2004, when Founder and President Andrew Pudalov left a successful career in New York City’s financial sector to pursue his passion for healthy living.

Packed with all-natural fruit, açaí, and other healthy ingredients, blended extra thick and served in a bowl topped with granola and honey, Rush Bowls is meeting the growing demand for healthy options on the go. Born in Boulder, Colorado, Rush Bowls are crafted from only all-natural ingredients and delicious proprietary recipes featuring fresh fruit topped with granola & honey. Healthy conscious consumers can feel good about the food they fuel themselves with and you can feel good about supporting the wellness of your community and your bank account.

Rush Bowls Franchise

Business Model

Over the past decade, Rush Bowls has cultivated a loyal following and developed a successful business model by perfecting menu items, processes, vendor relationships, and marketing practices.

Rush Bowls has been revolutionizing the fast-casual dining experience by offering nutritious meals that burst with flavor and satisfy with fresh, filling, all-natural ingredients. Our tireless devotion to honest ingredients, crafted in ways that taste sinfully delicious, result in the best fruit and all-natural food bowls available anywhere. Period.

Rush Bowls Franchise Opportunity

Six Reasons why our Franchise Owners LOVE Rush Bowls number not dot points

  1. Opportunity to join a rapidly growing Franchise with over 60+ stores awarded and a 14-year record of operating success!
  2. Guidance and support from an accomplished all-star executive team who have personally launched and operated hundreds of restaurants and franchises – Including Buddy Brown, owner of of 300+ franchises!
  3. Low startup and development investment. No cook tops or specialized equipment required.
  4. Established vendor relationships, store design and construction guidance, operations and localized marketing support.
  5. Caters to a growing and loyal fan base, tapping into the millennial market, families, and health-conscious consumers.
  6. Fantastic, award-winning recipes with over 14 years of market testing and successful adoption. Includes low-calorie, vegetarian, vegan, dairy/nut/soy/gluten free menu options – In 2017, sales of plant-based food in the US went up by 8.1%, topping $3.1 BILLION!

Rush Bowls Franchise

Join an Elite Group of Franchise Owners

When you become a Rush Bowls Franchise Owner, you’re partnering with Buddy Brown – owner and operator of over 300 restaurants and a person who is recognized as the 24th largest Franchise Owner in the US. Buddy proudly serves guests at his restaurants, which includes Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and more. Having identified Rush Bowls as an up and coming concept in the $1 TRILLION health-food industry, Buddy has put the power of his firm, the Lund Brown Group, behind the brand’s development. That means that you have the support and expertise of one of the largest Franchise Owners in the nation, in building, growing your business.

Eating well does not have to be a sacrifice. The market for healthy eating is significantly growing and will continue to benefit Rush Bowls and our customers in the future.” – Buddy Brown

Rush Bowls Franchise

Are you Somebody Who:

  • Has a vision for providing an industry-leading product and who understands the importance that exceptional service plays in a restaurant’s success?
  • Is looking to take advantage of the $1 TRILLION health-food industry, the $52 BILLION fast-casual industry, and the $500 MILLION açaí berry industry?
  • Takes pride in their entrepreneurial spirit and loves working with people who think and dream big?
  • Wants to build a significant business and provide your community with a healthy, quality product unlike anything they’ve ever experienced?

If you are passionate about health, great food, and want to own a business that you can feel good about, request more information now about opening a Rush Bowls in your area.

The Story Behind Rush Bowls

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