Saunatica Studio

Saunatica Franchise

Run your Saunatica franchise as a owner-operator, semi-absentee or full-absentee owner. A limited staff, low overhead recurring membership model.

Saunatica Wellness Studio Franchise Overview

Our founders started Saunatica to fill a gap in the industry. We live in a stressful and pollution-filled environment; from the amount of work people do, to the air quality to the food people eat, de-stressing often is essential. We want to help people visit our studios to unwind, let their body heal and thrive. Offering infrared sauna, red-light, salt and HALO therapy, Saunatica has the right solution for everyone. Packages never expire leading guests to come back once, twice or even more times a week.

Saunatica is “Head to Toe detox” while reenergizing cells to facilitate recovery and growth. When a client comes in to a Saunatica studio, they can relax and let our studio team do the work.

Saunatica Wellness Franchise

Why Own a Saunatica Studio?

  • Recurring revenue, membership model
  • Limited staff, low overhead
  • High tech, proprietary membership system
  • Unique, distinctive branding

How is Saunatica different to other sauna studios?

The Saunatica experience differs from traditional heat saunas, like steam and hot rocks. At Saunatica, we use only infrared lamps, the wavelengths naturally heat your body. The sweat is deeper, even while the ambient temperature (115 to 135 degrees) is much lower, making it less taxing and more beneficial.

Saunatica Franchise

Who is Our Ideal Franchise Owner:

  • Someone with a positive attitude, who enjoys learning and will go above and beyond for the ones he or she cares about.
  • Has a sales or marketing background
  • Aged 30 to 60
  • Male or female, ready to commit the time to make the business succeed
  • Work out, health consciousness, active and passionate about wellness and recovery as a lifestyle, outgoing and personable with good energy.

Does it look like a good fit?

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