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Smash My Trash Franchise

Today, Smash My Trash has hundreds of locations that serve thousands of clients across 40 states.  Smash My Trash franchise owners benefit from having joined a company that is first to market with a new and proven service that is rapidly disrupting the commercial waste industry. Unlike other businesses, there is no need for a brick-and-mortar facility and the business is operated with a small staff.

National account sales are an important part of our growth; our rapidly expanding footprint continues to grow our network of customers excited about the value we provide their facilities.

There’s Cash In Trash!

Why Own a Smash My Trash Franchise?

Smash My Trash represents a rare opportunity to join a company that is disrupting an industry. The rapidly growing company offers:

  • Scalable business-to-business service
  • Recurring revenue
  • Minimal competition
  • Strong customer relationships
  • Real economic benefits for customers

The business is delivered through independently owned franchises, that are growing by building strong relationships with clients who provide repeatable revenue. The company has over 1,500 clients across 39 states.


Smash My Trash Franchise Business


Waste is one of the last industries to embrace true disruptive innovation.

Together with our franchisees, we are doing our part to move the industry forward by introducing our disruptive technology and services. In addition to cutting costs, our services are the most environmentally innovative technology introduced in the waste industry in at least the last 20 years.

Your franchise location provides customers three key benefits—customers will save money, time, and cut emissions when working with Smash My Trash.

Our franchise is growing quickly—entrepreneurs (and our customers) recognize the disruptive opportunity our business creates. The simplicity of our franchise model is key to scaling long-term growth and enterprise value for our franchisees.

Smash My Trash Franchise


What makes Smash My Trash Different?

The Smash My Trash brand was established in order to address these issues and to bring consistency and professionalism to the marketplace.

Franchisees utilize the coaching, support, branding, national sales presence, and strategic alliances that Smash My Trash has developed to build their disruptive businesses.


Our franchisees recognize the value of industry disruption. Smash My Trash is an established and proven business. Our franchisees share a common goal—Scaling and expanding their Smash My Trash franchise.

Enterprise value of our franchise businesses is driven by operational simplicity and market leadership of a disruptive technology.

Smash My Trash Franchise

Moving the Industry Forward

We believe our services are the most environmentally innovative technology introduced in the waste industry in at least the last 20 years. Our company is growing, and quickly, as our customers embrace our services and the simplicity of the benefits we deliver.

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