Soccer 5 USA

Soccer 5 USA Franchise

Joining Soccer 5 USA’s franchise family is not just an opportunity; it’s a chance to be part of shaping the future of soccer in the United States. By offering top-notch, versatile 4G turf field experiences tailored for enthusiasts of all ages, both indoors and outdoors, you can play a pivotal role in bringing the joy of soccer to communities across the nation.

Soccer 5 USA Franchise Overview

Soccer 5 is the leading small sided soccer fields experience in the USA offering state of the art facilities for a premier soccer experience whether your game is social, recreational, or competitive and is for adults, co-ed, Soccer5 Kids Academy, corporate events and Kids Zone parties.

Soccer 5® was co-founded by Alan Georgeson and his two sons, Scott and Jack. Today, Scott serves as the President, leading the company, while Jack leads the franchising arm of Soccer 5® as the Director of Business Development. Born and raised in Scotland, the three witnessed firsthand the popularity and explosive growth of small-sided soccer – a modified version of traditional soccer played with fewer players on a smaller field– and saw the immense potential for the specialty soccer alternative to thrive in the states. After the Georgeson family moved to the U.S. in 2008, they opened their first Soccer 5® USA location in 2010.

Soccer 5 USA Franchise

Our focus on delivering a top-notch 4G turf field experience is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Each field is meticulously designed with individual lining and cages, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay without any interference from other matches. Soccer enthusiasts of all ages, ranging from 3-year-olds to individuals in their 60s and beyond, frequent Soccer 5 every week. They have the peace of mind that our fields are unparalleled in quality and accessibility, allowing them to reserve these fields for an entire year. To them, it’s more than just a field; it’s their field, their time, and their game. Many even indulge in multiple matches each week, truly embracing their love for soccer.

We are at the cutting edge of social soccer, we can’t build our centers fast enough to keep up with demand, and franchising and licensing will serve as an accelerator to keep up to speed” Alan Georgeson, Soccer 5 USA Founder

Soccer 5 USA Centers offer versatility in location, whether they are designed for outdoor settings in public spaces like parks, schools, churches, or retail areas, or created indoors within warehouse facilities. Join us on this exciting journey to bring the joy of soccer to communities across the nation and be a part of our franchise family at Soccer 5 USA.

Soccer 5 USA Grand Opening Recap

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