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Sparkle Wash Franchise

Sparkle Wash designed the INDUSTRY’S FIRST completely self-contained mobile pressure washing system. Upgraded and improved over the years, to this day it remains the recognized benchmark in commercial grade cleaning systems.

Sparkle Wash Franchise Opportunity

The World’s Leading Pressure Washing Company

Sparkle Wash Pressure Washing Franchise

What Makes Sparkle Wash Different?

  • Superior Equipment – Sparkle Wash designed, patented and manufactured the industry’s first completely self contained MOBILE PRESSURE WASHING system. Sparkle Wash continually invests in RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT to stay at the top of the industry. Sparkle Wash has also developed specialized environmentally safe products and applications technologies.
  • Go-To-Market Strategy – You might be wondering if there is really enough pressure washing work to develop a profitable and successful company? To help answer this question we ask that the next time you drive to your local grocery store for instance, take a look at all the possible customers and pressure washing opportunities within a 5-10 mile radius. There is the gas station on the corner (storefront, parking lot, pump area, awnings and sign), the local high school (buses, school building, sidewalks, stadium bleachers), the grocery store (loading docks, storefront, sidewalks, signage) not to mention all the residential homes you passed along the way! Our equipment and training will provide you the knowledge to tackle any type of dirt and grime on any type of surface. The need for our service has endless possibilities.
  • Sparkle Wash is a Professional Power Washing Franchise – Instead of offering customers lower margin services like window cleaning or landscaping , we stay focused on our core offering – pressure washing. Based on research and experience, the pressure washing market continues to lack professional competition verses other service based industries. The difference with our pressure washing opportunity is that our heavy-duty pressure washing equipment allows our franchisees to perform work across multiple markets, surfaces and dirt types. So when you think about owning a Sparkle Wash franchise don’t just think about washing houses, in fact higher margins and revenue comes from our multi-market power washing segments.

Sparkle Wash Franchise


  • Fleet – 27%
  • Construction – 26%
  • Commercial – 25%
  • Residential – 16%
  • Industrial – 6%


We are a Franchise Focused on Pressure Washing

When you own a Sparkle Wash franchise, you benefit from our proven service business model that trains you to earn a steady income, invest in your future, and secure your retirement. Whatever your goals are, the Sparkle Wash franchise model is scalable and one of the best franchise opportunities in the service industry.

Sparkle Wash Fleet Services Franchise

Training & Support

Comprehensive Training Program

In the course of 50+ years we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t have to spend your time and money figuring out how to make your business work. Our training programs are extensive, ongoing and geared to your business knowledge strengths and weaknesses.

Marketing & Advertising Support

With over 25 YEARS OF MARKETING AND ADVERTISING EXPERIENCE, the Sparkle Wash marketing group will work with you every step of the way from media planning and budgeting to execution. Together we will determine who your target customer is in your territory and lay out a plan to reach them using following social, traditional and online media.

Our Ideal Franchisee Candidate

Our owners come from all different types of walks of life and each brings a unique set of skills to their business. What all of them do have in common is that they are all driven entrepreneurs, prepared to do what it takes to build a successful business. So whatever your background is, the Sparkle Wash franchise system will help develop those skills into a successful franchise pressure washing business.

If you’re looking to own and operate a successful pressure washing business and are looking for an active, semi-active or investment role in a business, join our team at Sparkle Wash.

Sparkle Wash franchise owners talk about their experiences.

“Having been in the business now for several years, I can proudly say we blow the competition away. At least once a week customers are amazed at how nice our equipment is. They are always impressed that we have everything we could possibly need housed in one work van and not a trailer or a huge box truck. Customers have told me they are always fearful of the “other guys” as they could destroy their yards, take out tree branches, bump into other things with their bulky equipment, and they just flat out do not look professional at all in their pick-up truck and/or trailer.

The equipment itself is very user friendly and easy to maintain. On the off chance that you have to fix any equipment Ed and Lee at Sparkle Wash HQ are there to assist you every step of the way. Whether it’s to help trouble shoot, order parts, or to walk you through an installation process Sparkle Wash has you covered. Granted you won’t need them every time, but having piece of mind that their always there, takes a huge weight off my shoulders.”

Jonathan Beale

Operations Manager - Central VA

“I have been a Sparkle Wash franchisee since 1998. I have found the business to be very rewarding and profitable. The freedom that being self-employed brings is unmeasurable. There are many market opportunities under the pressure washing umbrella, which yields plenty of opportunities for business growth and success.

Sparkle Wash corporate employees have always been good people and great to work with. The technologies, resources, and support that I experience have always exceeded my expectations. I truly enjoy being part of the Sparkle Wash family and have no seconds thoughts of the career path I have chose.

No regrets here and I look forward to many more years of building my territory and cleaning up my city!”

Chris Earll

Franchise owner, Charlotte NC

“I spent 7 years as a franchise broker and I was exposed to hundreds of concepts. Sparkle Wash’s multiple market model provided plenty of diversity and validated well with their franchisees. What attracted me most about the pressure washing market was the lack of professional competition. As part of my research I called 3 competitors to wash my house: Only two called me back and only one showed up to give me an estimate. At that point I realized the market needed a professional pressure washing service. And I knew with the help from Sparkle Wash, I could out market them and out perform them. During the purchase process I found HQ to be extremely patient, very helpful and compassionate/caring. They helped me develop nothing into a career and a healthy business.”

Lou Lavetan

Franchise owner, York County, PA

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