Spiked Rich Ice Cream

Spiked Rich Ice Cream Franchise

Spiked Rich is the most exciting franchise concept in the frozen dessert category. Spiked Rich Nitrogen Ice Cream is the first-ever steampunk-themed nitrogen ice cream factory, specializing in over the top ice cream creations, milkshakes, alcohol-infused desserts, frozen yogurt, non-dairy options, and much more.

Spiked Rich Nitrogen Ice Cream Franchise 

Spiked Rich is a liquid nitrogen, alcohol infused custom ice cream restaurant where our creamists create each dessert in front of customers. Being able to serve our all ages customers, from parents to children, young adults and couples, everyone is able to enjoy a night out and finish the evening with a custom-made dessert. For the adults it is dessert and a cocktail in one.

We introduced to the business our alcohol infused options for adults. Our alcohol ice cream is served in martini glasses, decorated and garnished individually different; making a very memorable picture taking experience. We also now offer alcohol infused milkshakes served in giant souvenir lightbulb jars. Jesse Saunders, CEO, Spiked Rich

While our alcohol infused treats are for those over 21 only, we have so much more than ice cream for the kids. They are able to watch as each dish is prepared from scratch in our steampunk themed ice cream factory. Spiked Rich ice cream restaurants are where both adults and children can experience both a culinary and visual treat.

Spiked Rich Franchise


• Simple operations but completely unique, ice cream shop franchise.
• 1 employee can operate 4 machines through our state of the art computerized recipe systems.
• Share your passion for frozen desserts to create the ultimate ice cream experience for customers of all ages– adults and kids.
• Spiked Rich is taking ice cream to the next level with its boozy infused desserts.
• Owners who want to be involved in the business, on site and engaged as host/hostess of the restaurant.
• We have created a highly complicated looking dessert restaurant, but the operational process is easy for our
entrepreneurial franchise owners to open quickly and seamlessly run the day to day volume.

Spiked Rich Ice Cream Franchise


The Initial Franchise Fee includes the Spiked Rich one-week pre-opening training program conducted in our Davie, FL restaurant covering operations, marketing, staffing, food safety and overall restaurant management.

We follow this up with additional training and support in your Spiked Rich ice cream restaurant as you get ready to open. As a franchise owner, we continue to be available to help you develop and grow to serve the local community. We look forward to helping you bring Spiked Rich ice cream to your market.

Multi-unit owners and experienced operators are welcome to learn more about our unique niche in the frozen dessert industry.


An owner-operator that is passionate about the business, loves the brand and wants to grow with us long term. They should be good under pressure, a strong leader, approachable, friendly, and have the capital or ability to acquire a loan/financing to open their own Spiked Rich restaurant.

Spiked Rich Nitrogen Ice Cream Franchise

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