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We are excited to introduce you to the premier brand in the hair care industry! With over 2,400 salons and brand recognition above 90%, Supercuts is the flagship brand of Regis Corporation, the global leader in hair care with over 9,500 salons worldwide and systemwide revenue of $2 billion. The following information will introduce you to our business & industry as well as Supercuts positioning in the marketplace, and thank you for taking the time to look into the franchise opportunity at Supercuts!


The hair care industry is a $65 billion dollar-a-year business that most people know little about. The industry is highly fragmented, with little organized competition. Approximately 70% of the market share is controlled by independent operators, where the owner of the business cuts hair and generally lacks a sophisticated approach to running his or her business; the other 30% is controlled by national brands like ours! Our growth at Supercuts continues to come primarily from these independent salons that are not able to effectively compete, creating a tremendous growth opportunity for franchisees in markets throughout North America!


For Supercuts franchisees it’s not about cutting hair, it’s about growing a business! We are looking for professional men and women who know nothing about cutting hair and possess strong management and leadership skills, good business and financial acumen and a strong desire to succeed. The role of the owner is to run the business side of the business, while leaving the day-to-day operations and servicing of guests to their employees. This frees up the franchisees’ time to work “on their business,” not “in their business,” and enjoy more freedom and flexibility than they ever could have imagined!

Our franchisees benefit from:

  • Keeping their full-time jobs
  • Open multiple units
  • Manager run salons
  • Limited time commitment


Supercuts is part of the Regis Corporation, the global leader in the hair care industry with over 9,500 salons worldwide. Regis has systemwide sales of $2 billion and is a Fortune 1000 company. Last year, Regis served over 154 million guests worldwide! We bring over 80 years of hair care industry experience to helping people just like you become successfully self-employed! Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN we bring a Midwestern sensibility to running the business, and although Regis is a large corporation, our primary goal is to help franchisees build successful businesses one salon at a time.

I Kept My Career While Building a Supercuts Business.

“Every time we open a new salon, it’s like winning the lottery. With Regis behind us, we have a world of resources at our fingertips. It’s great knowing they’re so vested in our continued success.”

Chris S.

Franchisee of 61 Supercuts, 21 Cost Cutters and 8 Pro-Cuts

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