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Supply Pointe Franchise

SUPPLY POINTe™ is at the heart of the country’s $700.4 billion transportation industry, helping freight-forwarding, trucking, and pallet companies run everyday operations.

SUPPLY POINTe™ Franchise

A Shipping Franchise that Keeps America Moving

SUPPLY POINTe™ is at the heart of the country’s $700.4 billion transportation industry, helping freight-forwarding, trucking, and pallet companies run everyday operations. Many of these companies need to move equipment, raw materials, and finished goods, but they often don’t have in-house supply chain transport capabilities.

This is where SUPPLY POINTe™ comes in — we’re in charge of moving important freight efficiently. Our solutions include providing triple- to five-wall corrugated Gaylord pallet boxes and intermediate bulk containers (IBC) like totes and drums. Our clients also leave the logistics management, handling of long bundles, import and export transportation services, documentation, and more, to us.

For many years, we have provided economical logistics solutions that keep companies — and America — moving. Now, we invite aspiring entrepreneurs to share this mission through our logistics, shipping, and transportation franchise programs.

Supply Pointe Franchise

Why Join the Supply Pointe Franchise Program?

An Exciting Logistics Franchise with a Six-figure Residual Income Opportunity!

With a relatively low initial investment and six-figure residual income potential, the SUPPLY POINTe logistics franchise is your opportunity to completely change your life and secure a new future for your family.

This high-energy, work-from-home opportunity is perfect for a professional who is adept at customer service and highly organized. Those who have experience with industrial sales or warehouse logistics may find that their skills easily transfer over to the day-to-day needs of a SUPPLY POINTe business.

As you connect businesses with shipping and logistics services, and help them order and maintain pallets, corrugated boxes and more, you’ll find that the margin on these transactions really adds up.

Supply Pointe Franchise

With SUPPLY POINTe you succeed on your own terms.

While other businesses stock products or employ individuals to perform services, SUPPLY POINTe is an autonomous endeavor that doesn’t require any inventory! It’s up to you to succeed or fail. Of course, you’ll be supported by our industry knowledge and the power of our preferred vendors list. We’re committed to the growth of each franchise owner. You’re never in business alone with SUPPLY POINTe, we will be there for you.

Earn residual income while you continue to sell. Here’s the problem with many sales jobs — you can’t sell Customer B when you’re still helping Customer A. With a SUPPLY POINTe logistics franchise, you can engage customers with ongoing contracts. They’ll continue to order pallets, Gaylord boxes, transportation or regular shipping services from you, often using the SUPPLY POINTe online ordering system. This residual income business model allows you to consistently recruit new clientele while maintaining and serving the customers you already have with these business opportunities:

  • Shipping – Starting a SUPPLY POINTe shipping franchise means tapping into one of the most robust industries in the country and in the world, while working from a laptop at home.
  • Pallets – Pallets are central among the many services and products offered by SUPPLY POINTe. Our clients buy from us — and sell to us — thousands of pallets every week.
  • Transportation – American industry runs on the men and women who move goods back and forth across the country.
  • Logistics – At SUPPLY POINTe, providing logistics services means helping clients achieve success and avoid setbacks.

Supply Pointe Franchise


Support at Every Stage of Your Transportation & Logistics Franchise

The SUPPLY POINTe system is designed to help you at every stage of your transportation and logistics franchise’s growth, with a range of support services, including:

  • Start Up Guidance: advice on set-up of your first home office, so you can get up and running quickly with minimized overhead, limited staffing, and zero inventory.
  • Specialized Technologies: from recommendations for state-of-the-art software for office operations and CRM functions, to a customized e-commerce platform that provides easy online shipping and packaging product access to you and your clients.
  • Marketing Assistance: help with initial as well as ongoing client marketing efforts, as well as presence on our corporate website, for optimal visibility.
  • Ongoing Support: by phone or email, or even in person, when you need us.
Supply Pointe Shipping and Transportation Franchise. Work from home.
Supply Pointe is a Home-Based Transportation and Packaging Franchise

“My name is Kal Patel and I launched my SUPPLY POINTe franchise in January of 2021. The SUPPLY POINTe franchise system has offered me a great experience to be able to run and manage my own business operations. SUPPLY POINTe provides individual franchisee training based on their proven business model before you launch your operation. The support system and available tools, along with open feedback channels with the corporate team, provides great value for an individual franchise to be successful.”

Kai Patel

“My choice to franchise with SUPPLY POINTe was an easy one. I have owned other franchises in the past, but SUPPLY POINTe has one of the best returns on investments I have seen. In addition, I own the business, it does not own me. I have gained financial freedom and free time, which has given me a perfect work-life balance, which is something I did not have at my previous franchise, dealing with many employees, a storefront, and fleet vehicles. I would highly recommend SUPPLY POINTe to all those who are interested.”

Michael Carrillo

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