Tapster Franchise

Have you ever wanted to open a bar? We’d love to help you realize this dream with Tapster.

Our tasting room franchise opportunity eliminates much of the overhead and headaches of a typical bar and offers entrepreneurs a proven blueprint and ongoing support to deliver a true Tapster experience.

Tapster Franchise Overview

Tapster is at the forefront of revolutionizing the social drinking scene. Its innovative self-pour technology, unwavering dedication to excellence, and emphasis on creating a welcoming and authentic atmosphere allows guests to embark on a one-of-a-kind journey through the world of craft beer, all at their own pace.

Tapster Franchise

Built on the values of sustainability, empowerment, and education, Tapster opened its first tasting room in 2017 and now has four locations throughout the United States. With a proven business model centered on simplicity, profitability, and community involvement, Tapster offers franchise opportunities for owner-operators who wish to be part of an exciting brand that is redefining how people experience and appreciate their favorite beverages.

Tapster has been revitalized into a modern, tasting room franchise that allows every guest–over the age of 21, of course–to be a Tapster.

What is Tapster?

A Pay-By-The-Ounce, Self-Serving Bar with 57 Taps

  • Guests Pour Their Own – Beer, Wine, Spirits, Cider, Hard Seltzer, Kombucha, Cold Brew Coffee and Craft Sodas All On Tap…Tasty
  • All Beverages Are Charged By The Ounce – Aims to inspire people to try and sample while learning what they like. People can pour just 1 ounce or a full glass to get a sense of what they like.
  • Hangout: (Anti-Club or Not Typical Sports Bar Atmosphere) – It’s easy going, welcoming, non-threatening, bright, fun, community-oriented, and friendly.

“Our continued growth is a testament to the strength of the Tapster business model,” Maliszewski added. “Over the past seven years, we’ve developed Tapster in very different markets across the U.S. – all seeing warm welcomes and becoming enveloped within the fabric of their local communities. Our goal is for our brand to be as recognizable as Starbucks, cultivating a welcoming environment for friends, families, and colleagues to hang out at their leisure.”

Tapster Franchise

Tapster Eliminates the Headaches that Typical Bar Owners Experience

With a self-pour business model, the Tapster tasting room franchise opportunity eliminates much of the overhead and headaches of a typical bar.

  • Smaller Team Needed: With guests empowered to go at their own pace, a small team is needed, even on the busiest nights. Plus, their workload is far less strenuous since guests pour their own drinks. With time-tested operational systems in place, the friendly team is available to guide guests on the tap wall, make recommendations and educate them on current products.
  • Reduced Inventory: Each Tapster has a well-organized cooler filled with kegs and a limited offering of hard alcohol for shots, reducing the depth of inventory needed at a typical bar. Plus, with guests paying by the ounce, there is virtually no waste.
  • The Anti-Franchise Franchise: You won’t see the cookie-cutter look and feel of a typical franchise brand with Tapster. Each tasting room is intentionally designed with the local community in mind. The Lincoln Park tasting room embraces a typical neighborhood Chicago pub, whereas the Seattle Tapster–which is located inside the Google building–offers a bright, open space for professionals to break from the work day or take a creative brainstorm outside the office.

No Waitstaff, No Waiting: Tapster is Reshaping How Americans Socially Drink


Tapster is actively seeking hands-on, owner-operator franchisees who are passionate about their community and will be dedicated to providing outstanding guest service and upholding the brand’s standards. Previous industry experience is not required.

Enjoy the benefits of bar ownership without the overhead and headaches, meanwhile bringing your community a new experience that empowers them to go at their own pace and sample new beers.

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