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The Home Inspection Boys Franchise

At the Inspection Boys, we aim to be the leader of the home inspection industry, offering the largest franchise network by 2030.  We are driven by offering the best service and setting the standard of other home inspection companies to strive for.  As premier providers of leading-edge inspection services, we are committed to delivering honest, quick, and authentic reports to all of our customers. We recognize that customers satisfaction is driven by impeccable attention to detail.


An Inspection Boys franchise offers — CredibilityProven Marketing StrategiesSystemsExperienceand is Recession Resistant, plus much more!

  • CREDIBILITY – The Inspection Boys have many years of industry experience. Now we have partnered with Loyalty Brands, who brings to our team over 300 years of combined franchising experience.   This partnership gives us credibility and experience no other inspection company can offer.
  • MARKETING STRATEGIES – When it comes to marketing, the Inspection Boys strategies will help franchisees maximize your exposure through multi-channel placement on every platform available.
  • SYSTEMS  – The key to a great franchise is the system.  We have a day-by-day plan in place so you know what to do and when. From training, operations, job scheduling, pricing, and Human Resources we’ve got you covered.
  • GROWTH – Every Inspection Boys franchisee has the potential for rapid and sustainable growth.  We have the tools and the guidance needed to become a multi-unit operator.

The Inspection Boys Franchise


  •  Exclusive Marketing Territories
  • Unmatched marketing strategies to maximize exposure from day one.
  • Over 600,000 homes sold monthly. The Home Inspection is a 4-billion-dollar industry and there is expansion growth available.
  • The Inspection Boys system allows future franchise owners the ability to work on the business rather than working in the business.
  • The home inspection industry offers limitless income and high profit margins with the right system in place.


  • Low Initial Investment
  • Low Overhead / Limited Inventory
  • Highly Expandable and scalable
  • No office location needed
  • Start-Up Marketing / Tools Included in the Franchise Fee
  • Multiple Revenue Streams


For as low as $40,000, you can have a franchise of one of the best home inspection companies in the United States.  This is a great deal at a very affordable price.  Together we can take the journey to your success.  We will review all your financial and funding options to put you on the path to business ownership. In a short period of time, you can expect a high ROI coming to you.  This is an investment worth having so now is the time to get started.

The Home Inspection Boys Franchise


Owning a home is something that more and more people are considering.  Statistics show that the average American purchases 2-3 homes in their lifetime.  They are not dreaming of owning a home they are living that dream.  An article posted by CNBC Says that “Americans are starting to feel better about buying a home.”  This only highlights that as the market for real estate rises, the demand for home inspections rises.  A home inspection is an integral part of the home buying and selling process and will continue to grow exponentially as the real estate market continues to be a hot industry as well.

In addition to the demand for home ownership, the market for home inspection is growing as more and more millennials desire to buy a home.  This is another valid reason for acquiring a home inspection franchise. Plus, more people are buying homes as more of a necessity than a want or desire.

This is the best time to enter the home inspection business, especially with The Inspection Boys.   Our franchise is growing across the country and we are waiting for you to be the next franchisee to join us.  Franchise trust has helped us open locations across the United States.  We are growing and will continue to grow in order to provide outstanding service to our franchisees and create fanatical fan among our customers.

The Inspection Boys Training Wrap Up September 2021

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