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Tippi Toes Dance Franchise

Tippi Toes Dance is accelerating its growth aiming to reach 50 locations in 2023. Tippi Toes is very popular among families looking to get their kids back out in the world after COVID. Dance classes, birthday parties and camps with their proprietary songs, choreography and characters make Tippi Toes one of the most sought after children’s dance franchises in the country.

Tippi Toes Franchise

Join this low investment, quick-to-launch children’s dance franchise 

In 1999, college student Sarah Nuse needed a way to make car payments after she was fired from her restaurant job. Heeding the advice of her dance-instructor mother, Nuse decided to teach dance classes to young children at a local daycare. More than two decades later, that college side hustle has become one of the most sought-after franchise opportunities in its segment, with more than 30 units currently in operation and on track to cross the milestone 50-unit mark by 2023.

Tippi Toes Franchise

The Tippi Toes Advantage

  • Join The Troupe – Tippi Toes provides its franchise owners with the opportunity to make an impact in their local community by being a community and children’s hero. Franchisees also get to join the troupe of Tippi Toes club of parents, who want to help children have fun and build confidence.
  • An Investment That Fits Your Schedule – Tippi Toes has a decidedly low investment as a mobile franchise that requires no brick and mortar, is quick to launch and has the opportunity to earn twice the investment cost in a year putting in 30 hours a week. Franchisees also get the chance to build their own business and become a rockstar with flexibility to balance the responsibilities of being a mom.
  • Proprietary Curriculum – A major differentiator is the brand’s proprietary songs, dances and characters, which provide franchisees a rich catalog of material that children love and no other brand can use. Tippi Toes also has a proven model for securing business with schools, a benefit to help franchisees market locally.

Tippi Toes classes are held on location, at daycares, rec centers, parks, schools or other public settings. This keeps the start-up costs low and ensures that your overhead expenses are kept to a bare minimum. It also means that you’re not committed to one specific studio location and can reach children throughout your area.

Tippi Toes Dance Franchise

“Since Tippi Toes is not a traditional studio storefront, and we can operate out of existing buildings, the overhead costs are much lower than competitors. I don’t have to worry about rent costs or building loans. That is very comforting.” Tracy Genheimer, Tippi Toes franchise owner, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Denton and Wichita

Tippi Toes Franchise Support

  • Dance Workshops
  • Teaching Principles
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Skills
  • Business Management
  • Operation and Training Video
  • Personal Mentor/Supervisor
  • Annual Training Seminars
  • Franchise Owners “Backstage Pass”

“When it comes to the scalability of the franchise model, Genheimer says Tippi Toes is uniquely well-positioned to thrive in any market. “They have found the key that kids everywhere want to be creative, active and feel special,” she said. “Tippi Toes is easily replicated in different areas because kids are always going to want to have fun, learn and be creative. Once you open one location, it is easy to pick a new location and apply the business to that community, since the business can be run remotely and efficiently.”

Here are some attributes of a Tippi Toes® Franchise Owner. If you:

  1. Genuinely enjoy children
  2. Are interested in owning your own business but not being in business alone
  3. Are interested in having a business with excellent growth and profit potential
  4. Enjoy impacting other’s lives in a meaningful way
  5. Want to enhance your community through your work

We’ve built an incredible community of franchise owners who share best practices and support and uplift each other, and we’re excited to grow that community with like-minded, talented and passionate entrepreneurs.

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