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If you’re looking to maximize your earning potential with a franchise, consider that Toastique’s flagship location generated over $1 million in sales the first year we were open. Toastique is a simple business model that allows for a quick ramp-up time and strong potential for returns. All this for a low initial investment starting at $280,000.

Own part of the $1 TRILLION health food industry by bringing an amazing, truly healthy product to members of your community—Own a Toastique!

Toastique takes a proven model in the health food franchise space—cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and acaí bowls—and adds an innovative menu of healthy, customizable gourmet toasts to set it apart from virtually any other fast-casual franchise experience anyone has ever offered before!

toastique Franchise

6 Reasons Why Toastique is the PERFECT Investment for 2020:

  • Our first location earned over $1 MILLION during its first year in business—and we’ve remained profitable despite the COVID-19 pandemic!
  • From a protein-packed meal that keeps you going strong all day long to our all-natural, antioxidant-rich cold-pressed juices and smoothies, Toastique offers something for everyone, at any time of day!
  • As wellness becomes a paramount concern in our society, business owners in the healthy food space are finding that HEALTH=WEALTH!
  • Business models with capacity for ‘grab-and-go’ takeout service and delivery options are in excellent position to thrive in the coming years as the future of dine-in remains uncertain.
  • Our compact design keeps buildout costs low while driving traffic into your doors.
  • Small footprint=Lower overhead investment= Faster potential returns!
  • Toastique’s offerings are made from organic, responsibly-sourced ingredients—capitalizing on record-high demand that has propelled the $55.1 billion organic food industry.

Toastique Gourmet Toast Franchise

Why Now?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies across virtually all industries to rethink how they do business.

Toastique was perfectly situated to take these lemons and make (organic) lemonade!

Pivoting to a takeout and delivery-only model has allowed Franchise Owners to remain profitable over the first two quarters of 2022.

Additionally, the public health crisis has people thinking more about preserving their own well-being, opting for healthy, antioxidant-rich foods in an attempt to boost their immunity.

The already-booming health food industry is projected to surge even higher thanks to an increased urgency to live a healthier lifestyle.

The face of fast-casual dining is changing to meet the demands of customers looking for convenient options they can feel good about. As the future of the traditional dine-in restaurant remains uncertain, emerging, grab-and-go healthy concepts like Toastique are poised for phenomenal success.

Why Choose Us?

Toastique FranchiseHave you always dreamed of opening a business that speaks to your health and wellness ideals? Maybe you’ve even thought about starting your own smoothie or juice bar from scratch.

What if there was a way to invest in a simple concept that gives you the opportunity to run the business of your dreams with the full support of an experienced corporate team?

Toastique takes everything that’s perfect about a locally-owned and operated restaurant and adds the extra assurance of a proven business model and an outstanding support network, making it simpler to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.


Promote Healthy Living: Keep up with the recent surge in consumer demand for healthy meals on-the-go by serving Toastique’s all-natural gourmet toasts, juices, and smoothies.

Open With Confidence: Gain peace of mind knowing that our easy-to-pivot model has allowed us to remain profitable despite the unprecedented events of the COVID-19 crisis.

Minimize Your Risk: Increase your potential for faster ramp-up and ROI, thanks to our simple business model.

Keep Overhead Low: Our compact, efficient design allows for quick, affordable construction—we built our first 2 locations in 40 days!

Maintain Multiple Revenue Streams: Serve customers via dine-in, takeout, or delivery options, as well as the unlimited potential for catering opportunities!

Ideal Candidate:

This is the first time in Toastique’s history that we’re awarding franchise opportunities outside of the Washington, D.C. area.

We are looking for strong franchise candidates who can help us build our brand in markets across the U.S.


  • Are you passionate about health and wellness? Can you see yourself serving as an ambassador of healthy eating to your community?
  • Do you possess a strong work ethic and a desire to build a business empire?
  • Are you outgoing and friendly, with outstanding communication skills and a commitment to excellent customer service?
  • Do you possess a strong business management background with experience in the fast-paced hospitality or food-service industry?

If we just described you, we want to meet you!

Training And Support:

One of the best aspects of franchising with Toastique is knowing you’ll be receiving direct, hands-on support from our Founders themselves!


  • Training: Our two-week program covers all the basics through 4 hours of classroom instruction and 126 hours of on-the-job training at our corporate location in Washington, D.C.
  • Ongoing Support: Our corporate team will be on hand to ensure your Grand Opening goes smoothly, then stay in touch via bi-monthly phone calls to keep you up to date on the latest promotions and events. We take pride in being available 24/7 when our Franchise Owners need us—we’re always just a phone call away!
  • Field Support: Toastique Co-Founder and Construction Manager Kyle Izett will personally assist with site selection, construction, and inspection/permitting process to ensure a quick buildout. Kyle will also compare quotes to ensure your buildout comes in at or below market costs, saving you money and increasing your ROI potential.
  • Marketing Support: We’ve built an impressive social media following with dedicated fans who tend to do the bulk of the marketing for us! In addition to our incredible word-of-mouth, our team will assist with local marketing efforts to get you noticed.


From a young age, Toastique Founder Brianna Keefe’s passion for health, wellness, and fitness motivated her to create fresh smoothies and juices during high school.

As a D1 collegiate athlete, Brianna began experimenting with toast creations to provide the perfect combination of carbs, protein, and healthy fats in an easy, grab-and-go form.

These toast masterpieces inspired the idea of a café that would combine her delicious, healthy, on-the-go toasts with the already-proven concept of smoothies and cold-pressed juices.

After bringing her idea to her boyfriend, George “Kyle” Izett, he offered to use his background in commercial construction to design the first location, and was able to complete the buildout in only 40 days!

Brianna and Kyle’s first Toastique location opened in the Wharf district of Washington, D.C. in 2018 to overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Toastique was such a big hit that the couple generated over $1 million in sales in their first year.

In 2019, Brianna and Kyle opened a second location in Alexandria, VA, followed by a third Toastique in Washington’s Navy Yard district. Despite opening in summer 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the newest Toastique location is proving to be just as popular as its two predecessors.

During the events of the 2022 pandemic, Toastique has been able to quickly pivot their model, implementing third-party delivery options and online ordering with great success.

After repeated requests to expand, Brianna and Kyle decided that their gourmet toast business was too good to keep confined to the Northeast, and decided to begin franchising across the country!

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