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Tootl Transport Franchise

Tootl Transport fills a niche with a specialized service that provides safe, reliable, wheelchair-accessible transportation for youths, adults and seniors with mobility and cognitive challenges. There is an endless source of customers from health care, schools and event planners. In fact, global non-emergency medical transportation market is valued at $8.56 billion this year, according to

Tootl TRANSPORT Franchise

If you want to make a positive impact providing a much-needed service in your community, Tootl Transport is the right business for you. Tootl fills a niche with a specialized service that provides accessible transportation for youths, adults and seniors with mobility and cognitive challenges. With an endless source of customers from health care, schools and event planners, you won’t have to look far to find individuals in need of our service.

In terms of compassion, exceptional standards and solid infrastructure, being a part of this emerging franchise brand will allow you to own and operate a meaningful home-based business that allows flexibility for you and your family. Tootl is backed by a dream team of trusted partners with decades of experience in both the franchise and special needs transportation industries. Tootl is a low-cost, low-overhead and highly rewarding platform in the booming Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) sector.

Tootl Transport Franchise

  • Low investment –  the total investment to open a new Tootl Transport franchise is $78,400 to $97,400, which includes your initial franchise fee. The cost to own a Tootl franchise is low for many reasons, mainly because it doesn’t require real estate or owning vehicles. You can operate the business from your home, and your drivers are independent contractors with their own wheelchair accessible vans and buses.
  • Easy to operate – to operate a Tootl franchise, all you need is cell phone, a computer and a desire to serve an important need in your community. With Tootl’s simple, proven business model, there’s no bricks and mortar location and no need to purchase any vehicles. Overhead is minimal – your main investment is in the time to serve customers and network in your community. Your enthusiasm and our expertise are what drives success.
  • A team always in your corner – the moment you click for more information, you’ll find an exuberant and experienced team to navigate you as embark on your journey to own your own Tootl Transport franchise. Once part of our franchise family, we will “ride shotgun” with you the entire way – from pre-opening through your growth into the future. We provide you with hands-on training to set you up to succeed in all aspects of your business, including operations, marketing and customer service.
  • Compassionate customer service – Tootl’s purpose starts and ends with the phenomenal service we provide to our clients. The brand was founded with a goal of differentiating itself with compassionate, caring service for our customers. It’s what drives everything we do. We treat our franchisees with the same level of exceptional service provided to our customers.

“Our clients are what keep us going,” Michelle Dacy said. “We show them the same kindness and support we would want a stranger to show our loved ones. Being able to provide dependable, safe and comfortable transportation to those with challenges who may need it in order for them to live their happiest and best lives is an incredibly rewarding feeling.”


When you invest in Tootl, you are investing in a booming industry that will only continue to grow. The rise in the geriatric and disabled populations plays a significant part in the growth of the U.S. non-emergency medical transportation market, creating a huge demand for Tootl’s services. In 2021, the non-emergency medical transportation market was $8.6 billion in the U.S. and is projected to reach over $15 billion by 2028. The market growth is primarily driven by the country’s increasing aging population and an expanding need for necessary medical care.

Tootl Transport Franchise


Tootl’s roots go back to 2012, when Michelle Dacy noticed how challenging it was to get her own grandmother to the numerous doctor’s appointments and other necessary errands. She later established her own wheelchair accessible transportation company, which grew each year in revenues with clients across the entire Chicagoland area.

With no direct competitors at the national brand level, strong growth potential and low-overhead in the booming Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) sector, the innovative concept caught the attention of well-known experienced franchising industry veterans Steve Greenbaum and Brad Fishman, who are backing the franchising effort as investors and advisors. Greenbaum and Fishman helped the Dacy’s rebrand to Tootl and launch a second location in Milwaukee in 2021, which exceeded all business expectations even during the peak of COVID and the most challenging external economic conditions.

“As someone who cares deeply about franchising, I wanted to ensure the next venture I got involved in was values-based, purpose-driven and would make a positive impact on the lives of everyone it touches,” Greenbaum said. “Tootl meets all of the criteria and more. Brad and I couldn’t be more excited to be involved in the journey of growing and supporting the Tootl franchise system.”

Tootl is seeking both single and multi-unit franchisees with an entrepreneurial spirit, great interpersonal and organizational skills and a strong desire to serve their communities. Experience in the health care industry is a benefit since Tootl works with a variety of senior care facilities, case managers and healthcare professionals but it is not a requirement. Unlike more expensive traditional brick and mortar businesses, including the franchise fee, the initial investment for a Tootl franchise is between $78,400$97,400.

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