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High quality foods, professional grooming, a self-service wash and a vast array of products, personally selected for companion animals. We take pride in our knowledge of products and the needs of our customers. Our four revenue streams offer everything customers need in an immersive and fun environment, making this a high growth pet store franchise opportunity.


$1.5 millon Average Unit Volume

Our Pet Store Franchise Owners have a lot of fun and they feel great about making a real difference in their communities. But they are also serious about financial performance. The unit economics of our locations speak for themselves. On average, our stores generate $1.5 million in annual revenue and 57% of our pet store Franchise Owners have met or surpassed that average.

  • 65% of US households — 85 million people — own pets and that number has grown to 312 million nationwide. Nearly 80% of those people view their pets as family.
  • Total US pet industry spending reached over $66 billion in 2016. By 2020, it is expected to reach $96 billion in sales, according to Packaged Facts, a leading market research firm.
  • We spend big on our pets, recession or not. 92% of pet owners spent the same or more on their pets during the most recent recession period.

Wag N' Wash Franchise

Why Wag N’ Wash Is Different

We’re not an average pet food franchise. Unlike most independent pet stores that just sell food, Wag N’ Wash combines retail goods with self-service wash stations, full service grooming, and an in-house bakery to fulfill all of our customers needs under one roof.

We have unique products and services that are proprietary to our brand, and we only offer the highest quality pet foods and products. Wag N’ Wash has yet to see competition that replicates our boutique feel with quality products for a reasonable price.


  • Wag N' Wash FranchiseRetail Products – Cats and dogs are not just pets, but cherished family members. We have all the retail products that meet their needs based on stage of life, activity level and diet.
  • Pet Wash – Get your pup clean, in a range of washing levels from Basic to Ultimate. Includes a proprietary line of shampoos for basic cleaning, conditioning, brilliant whites, and a special skunk blend.
  • Bakery – Treats baked in house using human-grade ingredients. You won’t find anything in our bakery we wouldn’t eat ourselves. Gourmet deli items, and custom cakes!
  • Grooming – Pros, that limit the clients they see per day, by appointment only. Spending a max 3 hours grooming, washing and caring for your companion pet, instead of keeping them in a kennel.


A Wag N’ Wash pet franchise store can range from 3500 sq ft. — 5000 sq ft. All stores feature a bakery, a grooming center, state-of-the-art wash stations, and ample space to display the vast array of retail products. Customers love the convenience of fulfilling every need for their companion pet in one store.

Located in Colorado Springs, the Wag N’ Wash Powers location is sure to impress even the fussiest of four-legged visitors. Wag N’ Wash Powers features a second story grooming station that affords pets a great view of everything happening in the retail center.


Wag N' Wash Franchise Founders

“We set our financial goals high, committed ourselves 110% and we achieved our goals in less time than we planned. Our growth was organic and everyday gets easier and easier. We now have two locations and can’t wait to continue to grow our Wag N’ Wash business.”

Rich Strauss

Phoenix, AZ

“The response from the community has been amazing. We have some big-box pet retailers nearby, but people want to support local business and have commented on our customer service and the overall atmosphere of our store.”

Laura Armstrong Leder

Wag N' Wash Franchise owner, Cherry Hills, NJ

“Do your homework – research the brand, the industry, the competition, the projections and talk to multiple Franchise Owners. It’s also important to realize that owning a pet store sounds fun, that it is a business and you should be prepared to work hard to get it off the ground and running smoothly.”

Bill Wolfe

Wag N' Wash Franchise owner, Seattle, WA

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