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Wendy’s is a company that’s constantly growing. From the first restaurant in 1969, we’ve continued to expand Dave Thomas’ vision to help other people become successful business owners by owning a Wendy’s franchise. We look for franchisees who are committed to quality, not cutting corners.

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Our founder Dave Thomas introduced breakthrough innovations at Wendy’s that still influence the quick service restaurant industry today. In 1970, Dave’s vision for a new design element called the “Pick-Up Window” at a freestanding Wendy’s restaurant revolutionized the customer experience. This first modern drive-thru was the catalyst propelling Wendy’s from a four-store local Columbus hamburger chain into the thriving and beloved global brand fans know today.

Five decades later, we continue our legacy of innovation by harnessing the power of design and technology to accelerate global growth. We are laser focused on expanding our footprint across the globe and accelerating our digital business, which reflects the intersection between physical and digital innovation. Today, we are unveiling Global Next Gen, the new global design standard for Wendy’s restaurants. Our new global restaurant design standard leverages creative design and technology developments to meet the demands of our customers and crew today and tomorrow.

Wendy's Franchise

Global Next Gen was designed to streamline operations. The new, cutting-edge blueprint removes barriers to increase accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness, supporting fast order fulfillment and enabling ongoing culinary innovation. This allows restaurant teams more time to focus on the most rewarding parts of their jobs – creating positive customer experiences that keep Wendy’s fans coming back again and again.  Kurt Kane, U.S. Chief Commercial Officer

Our analysis shows that Global Next Gen optimizes costs to build, which helps improve the rate of return for our franchise partners. It also touts an annual energy cost reduction of about six percent, which is a win for our franchisees and a win for the environment. The new design also provides demonstrated labor optimization improvements, which add up to valuable savings here as well. Abigail Pringle, Chief Development Officer

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  • Getting Started – Wendy’s is seeking entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about serving fresh, craveable food and providing exceptional customer service. Learn more about our franchising process, qualifications and requirements and get started today!
  • Programs – Wendy’s development programs and close relationships with preferred financial lenders help create pathways for everyone who wants to grow with the Wendy’s System.
  • Bring Wendy’s to Your Market – Wendy’s has potential trade areas all around the world. Check out where we are looking to grow!
  • Pick Your Restaurant Design – Franchise ownership in the Wendy’s System isn’t one-size-fits-all. Franchise owners are successful when they meet the demands of customers in their neighborhoods and operate locations well-suited for their local community. Learn about our future-forward approach to restaurant design.
  • Franchisees Love Wendy’s – We’re proud that our franchisees come from all walks of life—whether it’s longtime members of the Wendy’s family who worked their way up the ranks to franchise ownership, or an entrepreneur who believes in our mission and aligns with our values.

At Wendy’s, our purpose is to create joy and opportunity through food, family, and community. As we plan to build more traditional restaurants over the next several years, we’re seeking new franchise owners to supercharge our efforts, transform markets and unlock new potential.

Ownership in the Wendy’s System is a transformational financial opportunity that can impact generations. Want to grow with Wendy’s for years to come? We want to hear from you!

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“My family came to America when I was a small child and I grew up here going to school and working hard. In 1996, Wendy’s gave me an opportunity to purchase my first restaurant. That’s when I embarked on nearly 30 years of service to the brand and our team members.
I’m proud of the work we have accomplished together with the Company and my fellow franchisees, and I’m excited that my children have the opportunity to continue the legacy we’ve built for years to come.”

Raul Dominguez

Wendy's Franchise Owner, Wendum of Florida

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