Yumberry Bowl

Yumberry Bowl Franchise

Superfood Nutrition that tastes amazing and is addicting from the first bite.  Customers love Yumberry Bowls and come back again and again for a meal or snack that is full of amazing nutrition, packed with health benefits, and is incredibly good for you!

Yumberry Bowl Franchise

Google searches for acai bowls have more than doubled this year.

The fact is, this is a booming industry.  Within a few years, Acai Bowl shops will be in every state, every city and every shopping mall across the nation.  They will be a strong competitor for Ice Cream and Yogurt Shops for the simple fact that Acai Bowls are truly healthy.  Yumberry Bowls have no added sugar, no dairy, no preservatives, are vegan, gluten free, have no additives and are a plant-based, delicious addiction.

Yumberry Bowl Franchise

Why Yumberry Bowl?

Not your average Acai Bowl Shop

​Yumberry Bowl has 5 different Superfood Base Options to choose from. Most of the bowls on our menu have a recommended or standard base that is used, but the customer can choose any of the Superfood options. With so many choices, and so many bowls, there are literally thousands of flavor combinations!

Acai is the most popular of the Superfood bases, but some of the new comers to the scene are starting to make a name for themselves…… Pitaya, Goiaba, Graviola and Acerola. Each one of these superfoods has a variety of health benefits.

Not only do they all taste amazing, but the health benefits are SUPER!

Yumberry Bowl Franchise

Support You Can Count On

As a Yumberry Bowl Franchisee, you will receive on-going support from the Corporate Office and Staff

  • Full Training (online and in person)
  • On-going Support
  • Design and layout assistance
  • Online reporting
  • Quality Controls
  • Marketing Support
  • Low Monthly Royalty Fees
  • Low start-up costs
  • Grand Opening assistance

Yumberry Bowl Franchise

Yumberry Bowls….

  • Contain NO added Sugar
  • Contain NO Dairy
  • Are Vegan
  • Contain NO Preservative
  • Contain NO Additives
  • Are Gluten-less

and are FULL of superfoods, vitamins, minerals and good stuff you body needs

Yumberry Bowl...the new healthy obsession franchise

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