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Bark Busters Top Dog According to SPCA

BarkbustersDoing research on all the franchises you’re considering is a must when you’re deciding which franchise business opportunity to invest in. One area of research you might not have thought about: industry awards.

These types of awards and recognitions can mean a lot or nothing at all to potential customers but can give you a clear idea of how the franchisor is positioned in their industry.

Bark Busters, a home-based dog training business, is recognized as the best of the best for dog training for their global excellence in dog training by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the SPCA. Bark Busters has been recognized by both Entrepreneur magazine and Franchise Business Review for being the top pet franchise. However, the SPCA’s recognition may be far more important to consider than franchise-niche recognitions.

If a franchisor is recognized as being a top franchise in their category, as Bark Busters is known as a top pet franchise, it is important because it tells potential franchisees that the business model is sound and franchisees are successful. With these types of recognitions for franchising, potential franchisees know they’re signing up for something that has worked for others in the past—really the goal of franchising.

What’s even more important, however, is knowledge that the franchisor is successful in their niche. Even if a franchisor is recognized for a great franchise system, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re successful compared to other non-franchise businesses in their niche or even other franchises in their niche. Looking for accolades from within the franchise’s industry can tell you if a franchise is well respected for the work they do – not just for their business model.

Bark Busters received the honor of being named the “Best of the Best” for dog training in 2008, the only dog trainer or dog training business to receive the award. As well, Bark Busters has been a leader on issues like adoption and proper pet care, teaming up with the SPCA in projects like Operation Baghdad Pups.

Franchisors like Bark Busters who are actively involved in their niche community also can do a lot for a franchisee by pushing the brand name forward and helping the franchisee profit by presenting the best image possible of the brand.

If pet training is an industry that interests you, Bark Busters is clearly a good option. Simply, learn Bark Busters dog training techniques and you could own your own dog training franchise business.

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