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What Makes Our Franchises the Best

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We are America’s Best Franchises. We are dedicated to helping you research, discover and choose one of America’s best franchises. But what exactly makes our franchises “best”? We are careful to only partner with brands that meet our standards for strong year-over-year growth, an established market and proven operations. Read on to find out what “best” means to America’s Best Franchises.

Strong Year-Over-Year Growth

One shared trait of the America’s Best Franchises brands is strong growth. We only present you with brands that have exhibited promising year-over-year growth. And that growth considers several different criteria. We look at the number of franchises and whether that number is growing or shrinking, the financial strength of the brand and Item 19 (reported earnings) of the franchise development document. By looking at these factors, America’s Best Franchises is able to determine whether a brand is growing in a way that meets our standards.

We pride ourselves on partnering with both established brands and up-and-coming industry disruptors. The age of a franchise brand doesn’t matter to us as long as we can see a pattern of growth. When you start your franchise journey with America’s Best Franchises, you can be sure your perfect brand is growing — and poised to expand.

An Established Market

Another reason our franchises are the best is because we partner with brands that have an established market and know how to make the most of it. No one brand serves every single consumer; that’s why it’s crucial that a company is able to nail down its target audience and serve their needs. All of America’s Best Franchises do just that.

We work with brands that understand their consumers — and know where they are at. So, franchisees like you don’t have to do any guess work or conduct your own audience segmentation when it is time to bring a brand to your community. When you partner with one of our brands, you know exactly the customer you’re signing up to serve. Brands that have an established market allow franchisees to hit the ground running.

Proven Systems and Operations

Replicable systems and operations are a vital aspect of any franchise opportunity. But the best franchises have systems that have been tested and proven. The amount of time a brand has been franchising is one indicator of how strong the systems are. If the operations have worked for hundreds of franchisees before you, the corporate team probably knows what they are doing when it comes to recreating the brand specific experience.

Even newer franchises should have put their systems to the test with expanded corporate locations that prove replicability and scalability. We make sure that the franchises we show you are ready to explode on a national level and have the systems in place that will allow you to succeed.

America’s Best Franchises is the best place to start your franchise journey because we don’t use the word “best” lightly. We only partner with franchise brands that can meet our standards, so you can trust any brand you reach out to has what it takes to thrive on a national scale. Start exploring franchises today.

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