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The Real Estate Franchise Renaissance

The impact of the global pandemic has been different for every industry. Many folks who are finding it harder to make ends meet (or have been otherwise stressed by the disruption in their markets) are taking this chance to look at a new career—or even go into business for themselves.

New business ownership is already thriving in the post-pandemic world. Whether you’ve lost work or are considering transitioning away from your day job for other reasons, opening a franchise could represent your golden ticket out of the 9-5 trap and into full control of your life and future. Any real-estate-related franchise business, in particular, is in a great spot right now.

Real Estate Services Are Booming

Real estate franchises are positioned to benefit from the national surge in home ownership, entrepreneurship, and working from home that has followed in the wake of COVID-19.

  • Home values are up and demand for real estate-related services is high as urbanites are looking to move out of the city. 
  • Borrowing interest rates are historically low, which has encouraged many to consider life-changing purchases. 
  • The rush of business closures and new businesses opening up has made commercial real estate just as busy.
  • Many real estate franchises can be run out of a home office, if a resilient and convenient work-from-home arrangement with very low overhead catches your eye.

There are a ton of business models that fit under the real estate umbrella, too.  You’ll have plenty of room to go after a niche that inspires your passions. Here are just a few of the possibilities:

 No Better Way to Become Your Own Boss

It’s normal to hesitate when considering going into business for yourself. Starting your own real estate business requires extensive research and preparation, patience as you build a customer base, and a lot of risk for your initial investment. 

There’s no better way to do it—or a better time for it—than with a real estate franchise in this market. You’ll have options and resources that can get you started faster, with lower initial investment and less risk than reinventing the wheel and starting a business from scratch. Here are a few of the core benefits offered by franchising in real estate services right now:

  • Turnkey Business: Unlike scratch-built businesses, you’ll hit the ground running with brand recognition, corporate support, pre-existing marketing assets, and perhaps other advantages such as customer referrals or existing networks of related service vendors.
  • Start as a One Person Show: Hiring and training are big stressors on young businesses that rely on teams of front-line workers. The sorts of businesses in the real estate industry often give you the chance to start off on your own. If the simplicity of a solo model appeals to you, you might start by owning and operating the business all by yourself and gradually grow from there.
  • Resilient & Cost-Effective: Between the security of a proven brand name and the option to leverage a resilient, low-investment home office model, you’ve got plenty of reasons to feel confident in your real estate franchise business.
  • High Demand: It’s always easier to find customers and meet ambitious revenue goals when there’s heavy demand in the market. Real estate isn’t slowing down any time soon, and these services will always be in demand.

You can take advantage of these perks whether you have previous experience in the real estate industry or not. With initial investments as low as $21,000, real estate franchise opportunities are more accessible than most industries to many would-be entrepreneurs. 

Contact us at America’s Best Franchises and we’ll set you up with all of the information you need to find a real estate franchise that’s the perfect fit for your goals and lifestyle. You could be on your way to becoming your own boss in no time.

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