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Becoming a Franchise Owner: What Are the Best Franchises Under 30k?

franchises under 30k

Starting a business is the American dream, but it can often be a scary and complex process. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 20% of new businesses fail within their first two years. That’s where buying a franchise comes into play.

Franchise ownership allows you to be a business owner backed by a trusted company name. You also have the support of a vetted and successful franchise business on your side. With many franchises under 30k, finding the franchise of your dreams is even easier.

If you’re interested in pursuing franchise opportunities, keep reading for the best franchises for sale under 30k.

Squeegee Squad

The Squeegee Squad is one of the best franchises under 30k because it taps into the popular market of professional window cleaning. They have also recently expanded into the areas of building restoration services, including elastomeric coating, caulking, waterproofing, and glass restoration of commercial, government, and residential buildings.

You can become a part of the Squeegee Squad with minimum cash on hand of just $20,000 with a total investment ranging between $40,300- $70,710. You can also start without the need for a brick-and-mortar storefront. Full and part-time franchise opportunities are available throughout the U.S., with third-party lenders also provided to help with financing.

ClaimTek Medical Billing

The global medical billing outsourcing market was worth $12.2 billion in 2022 and is only expected to grow further. Even in a challenging economy, the Healthcare Industry is one of the most recession-proof industries of note. ClaimTek has low-cost full and part-time single and multi-unit franchise opportunities available across the U.S.

ClaimTek Medical Billing is one of the best franchises under 30k for those looking to become a part of the booming medical billing industry. You can get started with ClaimTek for $25,000 minimum cash on hand with a total investment between $30,000-$50,000. Third-party financing options are also available.

360 Tour Designs

360 Tour Designs specializes in the in-demand market of real estate photography. Home listings featuring professional photography sold 32% faster, while homes with aerial photos sold 68% faster.

That’s why 360 Tour Designs is ideal for franchises under 30k. Best of all, there’s no photography experience necessary. You can be trained at the corporate site to learn all about photography and marketing, including:

  • HD photography
  • Aerial photography
  • FAA-approved aerial photography
  • 360 walkthrough tours
  • Videography

To join the 360 Tour Designs franchisee family, you’ll need a minimum cash on hand of $25,000 and a required net worth of $100,000. You can expect your total investment to range between $44,780-$56,050 with third-party financing options.

360 Tour Designs has full-time franchise opportunities available throughout the U.S., with the exception of CA, HI, MI, MN, ND, NY, RI, SD, and WI.

Mosquito Authority

Mosquitos are known for carrying a wide assortment of diseases like Malaria, Zika, and West Nile Virus. Keeping these blood-sucking critters under control is essential for maintaining public health and safety.

Mosquito Authority is one of the best franchises under 30k since you only need $15,000 cash on hand, with a total investment between $55,350 and $91,700. They provide you with expert support every step of the way.

Your investment covers all initial franchise fees, coaching, equipment, training, and marketing campaigns to get started. You can even receive in-house financing with $15,000 down and a $10,000 marketing credit.

Succentrix Business Advisors

Financial matters are always at the forefront of business affairs. From taxes to accounting and payroll, it can be daunting for small businesses to manage everything on their own. Succentrix Business Advisors is a National Franchise Accounting Firm serving the small business community.

Buying a franchise with Succentrix Business Advisors requires a minimum cash on hand of $24,900 with a total investment of $35,000 to $50,000. This makes it easily one of the most innovative franchises under 30k. There are both full-time and part-time franchise opportunities available across the U.S.

Cruise Planners®

The Cruise Industry brought in $18 billion in revenue in 2022 and is expected to reach $25 billion by the end of 2023. The Cruise and Travel Industry is experiencing a steady bounceback after the travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it makes sense to want to cash in on this boom with a travel franchise ownership.

Cruise Planners® is a job you can easily do from home as a work-from-home parent, retiree, young professional, military spouse, and more. With just minimum cash on hand of $10,995 required, it’s one of the most affordable franchises under 30k. You’ll be in good company, too, with over 2,500 other franchise owners across the country.

Grand Welcome

Vacation Rentals have also skyrocketed in recent years. Finding a home away from home has become a top priority for those seeking an alternative to hotel accommodations.

Grand Welcome Vacation Rental Management wants to help you with your goal of franchise ownership in a fast-growing segment of the Vacation Industry. You can even work from home.

Grand Welcome requires a $100,000 net worth and minimum cash on hand of $25,000 with a total investment of $74,100- $161,500. You may be able to qualify for third-party financing as well as Veterans discounts if you qualify.

Naturals2GO Vending

Naturals2GO Vending is the melding of the health food and vending machine industries. With so much junk food being offered inside vending machines, it became necessary to have healthier alternatives available.

The vending machine industry has low overhead costs, a high return on investment, and a solid business support network, making it highly desirable for franchises under 30k.

With a minimum net worth of $50,000+ and a cash investment of $18,000, you can become a franchise of Naturals2GO Vending. Your total investment will range between $40,000-$200,000. There are full and part-time franchise opportunities as well as third-party financing options.


Snapology operates on the business model that LEGOs can be used to teach children robotics and engineering fundamentals. This innovative program is already being used at schools, parties, and summer camps across the U.S. This innovative business model has a low startup cost and overhead with potentially high profit margins.

The Snapology franchise requires a minimum of $20,000 cash on hand with a total investment between $39,000-$73,500, which makes it well-suitable for franchises under 30k. Veterans receive a 10% discount on the franchise fee. There are full-time and part-time franchise opportunities available throughout the U.S.

NYS Collection Eyewear

NYS Collection Eyewear prides itself on offering affordable and exceptional eyewear to the population. A franchise with NYS Collection Eyewear provides intensive training and marketing support backed by a global presence. NYS has over 500 retail and franchise locations in more than 15 countries.

To start your franchise ownership with NYS Collection Eyewear, you will need a minimum cash on hand of only $15,000 with a total investment of $15,000 up to $100,000. Veterans receive a $5,000 discount on their franchise fee; third-party options can help with financing.

NYS has part-time franchise opportunities available worldwide.

Young Rembrandts

Do you have a passion for teaching art to young children? Then this is the franchise for you. Young Rembrandts is an award-winning franchise and popular business model, and it’s one of the best franchises under 30k.

Young Rembrandts operates at host locations like park districts and schools, so very little overhead is involved. This franchise can easily be done out of the home and offers training and support. There are both full-time and part-time franchise opportunities available across the globe.

You will need a minimum cash investment of $25,000, with your total investment ranging somewhere between $45,255-$52.255. Third-party financing is also available.

Tutoring Works

Students always need quality tutoring services, but finding the right one to meet their needs can be challenging. Tutoring Works is a successful business model that gets results when it comes to private tutoring.

You don’t need a background in education to become a franchise owner of your successful tutoring business. They match your students with the perfect local tutor for their needs. There is no fixed overhead, and all tutors are independent contractors.

To start your own Tutoring Works business, you will need a minimum of $20,000 cash on hand with a total investment of $ 17,900 to $20,000. This further cements it on the list of franchises under 30k. Full-time business opportunities are available throughout the U.S.

TapSnap Photo Entertainment

Photo booths are all the rage again at events like weddings, birthday parties, and even corporate gatherings. TapSnap removes the walls from a traditional photo booth concept to think outside the box. They’ve created an open-air phototainment system with an interactive 42-inch multi-touch screen.

Digital photo booths like TapSnap allow users to share photos directly to social media. They can also add digital backgrounds and fun virtual props. For corporate gatherings, these backgrounds can be customized with the company’s brand.

You’ll need a minimum of $20,000 cash on hand, with your total investment starting at $57,390 with a 10% discount for Veterans. TapSnap Photo Entertainment is one of the most fun and lucrative franchises under 30k. You can find full-time and part-time TapSnap franchise opportunities across the U.S. and Canada.


Fibrenew is the world’s largest franchise specializing in vinyl, plastic, and leather restoration. They have over 300 franchise partners in 6 countries and over 35 years of industry experience.

Fibrenew franchise requires a $100,000 net worth and $15,000 cash on hand. Your total investment will range between $93,125-$111,695. Veterans receive a $4,700 discount off of their initial franchise fee.

Full-time single-unit franchise opportunities are available throughout the U.S. and the territories of Quebec and Ontario, Canada.

StretchMed Studios

StretchMed Studios is dedicated to helping improve posture, decrease muscle and joint pain, and diminish muscle imbalances to prevent injury. They use their patented 50-minute STRETCHMED® 36 stretch routine to get results.

You will need to have a net worth of at least $50,000 with a minimum cash on hand of $20,000. Your total investment will range between $25,559 and $32,275. Veterans receive a 10% discount off of the franchise fee.

Full-time single, multi-unit, and master license franchise opportunities are available in every state except CA, HI, ID, IL, MD, ME, MI, MN, MT, ND, NE,  NY, SD, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV, and WY.

The Maids

The Maids was founded in 1979 and ranked #35 on the Franchise 500 list for 2022. They have over 180 franchise owners in over 90 major U.S. and Canadian cities. It’s one of the most successful franchises under 30k.

The Maids has also been given countless honors, ranking among the Top 100 fastest-growing franchises by Entrepreneur magazine, the #1 residential cleaning service by Entrepreneur magazine, and ranking #1 in residential cleaning by the Franchise Business Review.

To become a franchise owner, you will need to have a net worth of at least $250,000 and $20,000 cash on hand for a total investment of $76,000. The Maids is also SBA-approved for third-party financing. New full-time franchise opportunities are available throughout the U.S.

Reliable Facility Group

The Reliable Facility Group offers a modern and innovative approach to commercial cleaning through janitorial services, deep cleaning, mopping, and disinfection. Through the Reliable Facility Group, you can build a franchise that is highly automated and returns high-profit margins.

Reliable Facility specializes in cleaning mid-sized businesses such as:

  • Medical facilities
  • Industrial buildings
  • Private education facilities
  • Banking institutions
  • Municipal buildings
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Religious properties

For this franchise, you will need a minimum cash on hand of $25,000 with a total investment of $53,800-$118,000. Full-time franchise opportunities are available throughout the U.S.

FranServe Franchise Consulting

If you’ve looked through all the other franchises under 30k and still haven’t found the right fit, why not become a franchise consultant with FranServe? FranServe Franchise Consulting serves as a way to establish relationships between franchise brands and their clients.

All you need is a minimum cash on hand of $25,000. Qualified Veterans receive a 10% discount. There are flexible full and part-time franchise opportunities available throughout the U.S. so that you can be your own boss.

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These are just a few of the best franchises under 30k. Being a franchise owner can be an exciting and promising way to start a business. As with any business venture, it is crucial to weigh the risks and the benefits that come with franchise ownership.

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