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The Best Franchise Opportunities for Veterans

If you’re one of the millions of Americans that have served your country, we salute you. For many veterans, once active duty is over, they’re interested in finding something valuable to do with their time, to make a difference in another way.


Business ownership is one of the rewarding paths many vets choose, and to great success. In fact, veterans are 45% more likely to be self-employed than those with no military background. And franchise opportunities for veterans abound. With some franchisors offering discounts to veterans, running a franchise can be quite lucrative.First, Target Industries You’re Interested In

Anyone considering investing in a franchise needs to have a general direction to start in. Your work background, as well as your interests and hobbies, can guide you. Maybe you spent 20 years as an airplane mechanic but what you’ve always dreamed of is opening a restaurant. Or maybe you want a business you can run part-time from home.

Spend some time considering the type of franchise you’d like to own. There are hundreds of opportunities out there, from automotive franchises to vending machine opportunities, and it’s important that you find the best fit for your needs.

Next, Explore the VetFran Program

If you’re not yet familiar with the VetFran Program, it’s time to get to know this useful organization. Its mission is to provide access to franchising opportunities to veterans and their spouses. It does this by negotiating lower franchise fees with top franchisors, as well as offering resources to help you on your journey.

If you’re searching for a franchise opportunity for veterans on America’s Best Franchises, be sure to start with this page, which highlights franchises that participate in the VetFran Program.

Look for Additional Resources to Help You

There are other organizations designed to help you as a veteran entrepreneur succeed.

  • SBA – The Small Business Association has a portal dedicated to veteran-owned small businesses. Here you can find articles to help you launch a business, a business mentor, or guidance on creating a business plan. Additionally, the website can point you to Veterans Business Outreach Centers and the annual National Veterans Business Development Conference & Expo.
  • US Department of Veterans Affairs – The US government wants to help you run a business! This website provides details on veteran business programs and financing opportunities, as well as articles tailored to the vet business owner.
  • Franchise-Specific Veterans Programs – While some franchises offer discounts to veteran franchisees, some go above and beyond with special offerings, like Little Caesars. This pizza franchise offers substantial reductions in franchise fees, as well as credit on equipment orders for both non-service and service-disabled veterans.

As you can see, there are so many franchise opportunities for veterans, as well as resources to help you succeed. Good luck with your endeavor!


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