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Best Home-Based Franchise Opportunities to Consider

Nothing beats working from the comfort of your home for many people. The best home-based franchise opportunities offer zero commute, the ability to work in your PJs, and the ability to save on overhead.

If the idea of working out of your home appeals to you, read on, because we’re going to share some of the best home-based franchise opportunities for you.

5 of the Best Home-Based Franchise Opportunities to Consider

#1. Travel-Related Franchises

Do you love to travel or even just to read about exciting destinations? Travel franchises are ideal for both the world and armchair traveler.

What kinds of opportunities are there? Travel franchises include several different types of businesses like:

  • Travel agencies
  • Vacation rental management
  • Yacht broker
  • Cruise vacation planning

Who is the ideal franchisee? You don’t need professional travel experience to thrive in a travel-related franchise. If you enjoy planning and are highly organized, it could be a good fit for you.

#2. Distribution Franchises

Distribution franchises deal in selling products and do so both in-person locally as well as online.

What kinds of opportunities are there? You can sell just about any type of product, so the sky’s the limit. Some distribution opportunities include:

  • Child safety products
  • Lighting
  • Medical products
  • Bottled water

Who is the ideal franchisee? A successful franchisee in this category would be one who’s a natural-born seller since there is a lot of interaction with potential customers.

#3. Service-Based Franchises

Rather than sell products, a service-based franchise owner would specialize in a particular niche service. Many of these are home-based for administrative work but would require a vehicle to visit customers and provide the service.

What kinds of opportunities are there? Services range from tutoring to carpet cleaning and consulting. Other service-based franchises include:

  • Child care
  • Senior facility placement
  • Home repair
  • Bookkeeping

Who is the ideal franchisee?  Because service-based opportunities vary so much, it’s really about what your skills and interests are in. But if you prefer to offer services rather than stock inventory and manage sales, this might be a category to consider.

#4. Vending Franchises

Yes, those vending machines in office buildings and schools are overseen by entrepreneurs just like you. And with little maintenance and upkeep required, vending franchises are the perfect home-based business.

What kinds of opportunities are there? There’s a rising trend for healthy snacks in the vending machine space right now, but these tried-and-true options are also worth considering:

  • DVD kiosks
  • Bottled water sales
  • Beverage machines
  • Snack vending

Who is the ideal franchisee? If you’re looking for an easy franchise that doesn’t require day-to-day management, a vending machine franchise fits the bill.

#5. Educational Franchises for Kids

If children are your passion, an education franchise might be up your alley. They’re a great tool for fostering and sharing your creativity.

What kinds of opportunities are there? This category is booming right now. Here are some opportunities to consider:

  • Tutoring
  • Educational birthday parties
  • Art classes
  • Enrichment programs

Who is the ideal franchisee? While it’s not essential that you have experience working with children, if you have a background as a teacher or simply love kids, you’ll do well.

This is just a drop in the bucket of the home-based franchise opportunities available to you. Check our franchise directory for even more options.

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