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Cruise Planners Franchise Business Opportunities

Some people have to take their vacation days or lose them. Others want to get away from the cold weather. Still others are looking for something amazing to put in a loved one’s Christmas stocking. Whatever the reason, plenty of people are thinking about a cruise right now. If you’ve considered a cruise planning franchise business, this is a great time to great started.

Customers who are looking for travel arrangements have lots of options, but many travelers would still prefer to leave it in the hands of an experienced service. Cruises in particular often offer so many choices of stateroom/route/price combinations that their brochures are confusing and it’s hard for a neophyte to fee sure of getting the best deal — or even being certain of what they’ve bought.

Even for experienced travelers, a cruise may be identified as a luxury option, a chance to be cared for — and that expectation of service can be started with the service of having the cruise booked by a professional. One third of cruise travelers use a booking service.


Cruise planning franchises are a great option for reaching these travelers. 

  • Associations with trusted companies are one of the things many people use to judge potential companies. If you’re looking for a travel franchise built to attract affluent travelers, a Cruise Planners/ American Express Travel Franchise  might be the right choice for you. Cruise Planners has been the top cruise planning franchise for ten years in a row, according to Entrepreneur, and it has won countless awards over the years. The winning combination of a recognized name and unique offerings for American Express customers appeals to the target market. Customers can use American Express points to redeem their entire travel for free through Cruise Planners and franchisees still make a commission—it’s a win-win situation for the business owner and the customer. The company offers 50% in-house financing and a discount for veterans.
  • Dream Vacations is another option.  Dream Vacations claims the distinction of being the largest travel retailer in the country, with 800+ franchisees, and name recognition is high. Dream Vacations has been dubbed “best in class” by the Cruise Lines International Association. Dream Vacations/Cruise One offers discounts for veterans, for minority-owned businesses, and for woman-owned businesses. They also offer in-house financing and are SBA approved. With a low initial investment and lots of support, Dream Vacations may be the perfect choice for a part-time business you can grow into a full-time one.
  • Expedia CruiseShipCenters requires the highest investment of the three franchise business opportunities listed here. Supported by a $36 billion company, Expedia offers strong name recognition and serious purchasing power that allows you to offer great deals to customers. Expedia was named the 2013 Online Travel Brand of the Year by Harris Poll EquiTrend. In addition to the standing of the company, you have the assurance of a protected territory and very strong online marketing. Like Cruise One, Expedia is SBA approved.

You may be specially suited to work with some of the special target markets of this industry: retired people, newlyweds, or singles. You might be an avid traveler — and yes, owning one of these franchises is a great way to get in some travel for yourself. Cruise booking franchises let you be in the business of fun.

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