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Just One Franchise: The Lash Lounge

The Lash Lounge is a trailblazer in the semi-permanent lash extension business. Founded by a working mom in Dallas, the original Lash Lounge got its start after Anna Phillips was laid off from her job in IT and started working as a massage therapist providing beauty services on the side. Lash extensions were so popular that Anna went off on her own to build The Lash Lounge and start a beauty empire. Now The Lash Lounge is offering a franchise business opportunity.

There’s a price to success, though. After being featured in countless fashion magazines, The Lash Lounge is now facing growing numbers of imitators.

The Lash Lounge is widely known as the original lash extension bar, thanks in part to promotions in so many different magazines for consumers and industry insiders. To maintain their hold on the industry, The Lash Lounge needs to maintain an image of expertise and professionalism that separates them from the rest. While it’s possible that other businesses might apply lashes just as well as The Lash Lounge, convincing potential customers that The Lash Lounge is still special is important for The Lash Lounge to keep its place ahead of the pack.

Reinforcing their reputation for skill and knowledge is a strategy that works well for The Lash Lounge. When a Dallas news station warned consumers of the dangers of lash extensions, it could have had a negative effect on the business of The Lash Lounge. Instead of waiting for problems to arise, The Lash Lounge weighed in on how consumers can get safe lash extensions and showed their authority as the leading industry experts, endorsed by a local news station. Not only did this separate The Lash Lounge from the competition in a smart way, it also reached a whole new crop of customers who might not have known about The Lash Lounge — and reinforced their brand as the lash experts. It also showed their concern for their clients’ health and safety.

Customer experience is also a defining part of The Lash Lounge brand. The Lash Lounge has a certain way of conducting business that keeps clients happy. Part of their method is a focus on helping customers feel beautiful and desirable. Being the best in the lash extension beauty business at delivering an experience that invigorates customers is another thing that makes The Lash Lounge different from the competition. The Lash Lounge does this through strict rules for technicians, including lots of hands-on training to ensure franchises present a consistent image and product across territories.

They say that Texas girls love their lashes, and Dallas has showed a lot of enthusiasm for The Lash Lounge. As they move out into the national stage with their franchise, The Lash Lounge is keeping their special flavor. If you’re looking into a booming niche franchise, it’s important to check how the franchise separates itself from the competition through brand image and marketing — The Lash Lounge is a good example of how it’s done.

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