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Just One Franchise: CTI Concrete

Unsightly concrete on a front walk can affect the curb appeal of a beautiful home and concrete trip hazards can prove to be a significant liability for slip and fall lawsuits. A beautiful surface around a home, pool, or business can add to the value and the pleasure the building brings. CTI Concrete is a franchise business opportunity that helps home and business owners get from point A — unsightly concrete — to point B, a beautiful surface.

It’s not easy to remove and replace damaged concrete, and repairing concrete doesn’t always have the desired effect. A patch never matches the original concrete exactly, and removing a section of concrete with jackhammers or a bulldozer is a huge job.

Concrete Technology Inc, or CTI for short, has developed a special resurfacing coating that repairs concrete and turns it into something stunning. With CTI coatings, franchisees can turn concrete into beautiful brick-lined walks, create designer patterns and textures, and even apply special effects for something unique. The special coatings can be manipulated during application to be as smooth, glossy, or as textured as needed and can replicate other types of materials. Instead of having to break up and remove damaged concrete, CTI franchisees simply apply the coating and transform old, damaged concrete into a new surface. There are many, many design options, from faux brick, granite, or marble to traditional concrete looks.

The coating is durable and protects the underlying concrete from further damage. Resistant to salt, thawing and freezing cycles, water and oil damage, and fading, CTI’s coatings make concrete last much longer. And because it comes in many colors and can be applied in even hot environments, franchisees can also choose pale colors that make the surface cooler to the touch, perfect for areas around pools or for homes.

Franchisees get the benefits of constant training from CTI through long distance learning programs that bring new techniques to life. Since the coatings are so versatile, franchisees and CTI are always looking for new ways to use the coatings to produce beautiful end products for their customers. With so many options, there are thousands of things to learn and perfect. CTI provides ongoing training in new techniques to keep franchisees up to speed after extensive on-boarding training during the initial franchise setup period.

CTI isn’t a conventional franchise—instead franchisees are really dealers who sell their products and services to customers. As dealers, the only costs they pay to CTI are for the products. There is no franchise fee, no royalty fee, and no ongoing payments to CTI. There also isn’t a net worth requirement and with a low minimum cash requirement of $9,500, almost anyone can get started as a dealer. Dealers can expect to spend $15,000 as a total investment to become a CTI dealer.

This opportunity is perfect for existing contractors looking to expand their product lines and services, and it’s also a great starting point for people looking to start a home improvement service. Their “Business in a Box” offering and ongoing support help you get started with minimal risk.

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