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Just One Franchise: Monster Mini Golf

Cast your mind back to summers playing mini golf with friends and family. It was a day of sun and fun, maybe followed by an ice cream treat. In most parts of the country, though, miniature golf is a seasonal activity, open in the summer and closed for the winter. Unlike many seasonal businesses, mini golf has expenses to cover all winter, too, since it requires large spaces and ongoing upkeep.

Monster Mini Golf took the summertime favorite and turned it into a year round family friendly activity by moving it inside. They didn’t stop there, either — they expanded the idea beyond golf alone. The result is a franchise business opportunity with the fun of mini golf and year-round revenue.

Inside Monster Mini Golf you’ll find more than just an indoor 18-hole mini golf course. With arcade games, private party rooms, and a spooky, glow in the dark atmosphere, it’s more than just a mini golf course—it’s a center for family and adult fun that appeals to all ages. The mini golf course is designed to be engaging for adults but playable by children so it’s perfect for a family outing or a date night. Since Monster Mini Golf has private party rooms, children’s birthday parties are an important source of revenue.

“Monster” is their name, and monsters are their game. The monstrous cartoon characters are cute enough for kids and cool enough for teens, while gift shops include merchandise designed to appeal to kids, teens, and adults. There’s an iPhone app for scoring games, with a sharing feature that helps spread the word about the franchise.

The ideal Monster Mini Golf franchisee is a driven individual who strongly believes in customer service. Monster Mini Golf looks for candidates who are committed to running their own business and have the skills to recruit, manage, and train key staff members. Franchisees should also have the capital required to succeed. With $250,000 minimum cash and $500,000 net worth requirements, franchisees have often already been successful in other business ventures. Franchisees can expect to spend between $436,000 and $525,000 as a total investment in their franchise. Third party financing is available.

While the franchise is designed to be a turnkey business, franchisees are expected to work full time with their franchise, guiding it towards success. All franchisees are required to participate in comprehensive training sessions during the initial stages. During a three-section training course, franchisees start with classroom training and then work hand in hand with other franchisees and corporate trainers in on-the-job training.

Over the last decade, Monster Mini Golf has grown and now has locations all across the United States, including a special KISS-themed location in Las Vegas. The brand is recognized in many markets already as a leader in the industry and anticipates further growth in the future. Franchisees have access to proprietary operational information, branding, and marketing efforts that will help grow each Monster Mini Golf location into a local destination for any time of the year.

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