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Franchise Opportunities in Advertising and Marketing

mad-menTV’s Mad Men might make it look glamorous, dangerous, and extinct, but marketing is actually still an essential business service. The broad range of franchise business options listed below give you a chance to get into the ad game with a franchise that lets you help other businesses in your community.

ActionCOACH Consulting

Business consulting goes beyond marketing to let you share all aspects of your business knowledge with other businesspeople. ActionCOACH offers a proven system that you can use with your clients. Extensive initial training plus ongoing learning opportunities in the form of seminars, workshops, conferences, and your own weekly coaching sessions make sure that you’re the expert your clients need.

Minuteman Press

Small to medium businesses don’t need massive ad campaigns on TV and in national magazines. They need great signage, local advertising, promotional items, websites, direct mail and email marketing, and print items like brochures. With no prior experience, you can become the go-to place in your town for businesses of all sizes. Minuteman Press offers design and production services for all kinds of marketing and advertising, with a constantly evolving approach that has kept this franchisor in the forefront of the business for more than 40 years.

Money Mailer

Direct mail continues to be one of the most popular forms of marketing for local businesses. Money Mailer offers centralized operations, so the franchisee’s job is to meet with clients and offer marketing consultation, to use Money Mailer’s special software to customize designs for the client, and then to send the order in to Money Mailer. Production, printing, and mailing are all taken care of at the corporate level. That makes this an economical franchise business opportunity with multiple revenue streams that would be hard for an independent business to match.


PostNet offers printing and design services, plus logistics and shipping support. That means that area businesses will come to you at the start when they need a logo and some business cards, come back to you when they’re ready for signage and brochures, and stick with you when they need digital marketing and logistics as they grow. With award-winning training and technology, PostNet is set for growth.

RichTech Systems

RichTech offers something new and exciting: the roll-up projection banner. It looks like a stand-up banner of the kind you might see at a trade show or airport. It’s easily transported in a briefcase and can be set up by one person. But instead of a printed banner, the RichTech banner projects video. These marketing pieces show life-size spokespeople, eye-catching animations — and RichTech franchisees can sell the creative work involved in making the marketing videos as well as the banners themselves. No technical knowledge or experience is required, and the start-up costs are low, so this can be a great option for someone who’s just starting out in business.


A great travel resource with print and online versions and mobile apps, TravelHost gives your local area businesses a great way to reach out to tourists and travelers of all kinds. TravelHost takes care of the publishing, printing, and distribution, and franchisees can focus on helping local businesses take advantage of the opportunity. Franchisees with a love for travel and a passion for sales can start with a small investment and a home office.

Visible Link

The majority of consumers look for local services online, but most small businesses still don’t have websites. Visible Link lets you help local businesses get online — with the comfort of working with you, their local consultant but having the work done by Visible Link’s experts. This centralized operations model means that franchisees’ investment is small and no technical background is required. No employees are needed, and a home office is perfect. Visible Link offers an easy way to get involved with the growth industry of digital marketing.

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