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Just One Franchise: Concept 10 10

concept 10 10Back pain is one of the most common reasons that Americans miss work, and each year half of all working Americans report that they’ve experienced back pain. 80% of us will have to cope with back pain during our lifetimes, and this discomfort is second only to respiratory infections in motivating doctor visits. Americans spend $50 billion a year for back pain treatments ranging from painful and expensive surgery to temporary solutions like pain pills. Clearly, back pain is big business.

But researchers tell us that exercise is in fact the most effective solution for most people.

Concept 10 10 takes on this specific niche market with one-on-one exercise targeted to the problem of back pain. High intensity, low impact exercise with special equipment and a personal trainer allow Concept 10 10 clients to work out for just 20 minutes each week and see results.

Concept 10 10 is based on the work of Norwegian Jorgen Albrechtsen, whose research into physical training convinced him that the most effective route to fitness without injury was very slow, focused muscle work. Every session is private, one on one training in an environment which reduces distraction and helps clients focus intensely on their workouts. Clients say that they set up their brief weekly appointment as they would a business meeting and make it a top priority.

The first studio opened on 2004, and the franchise is now global, with locations in New Zealand, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore as well as in the United States and Europe. Concept 10 10 is seeking franchisees all over the world. While the franchisor has been in business for a decade, this is definitely still a ground-floor opportunity in the U.S.

Concept 10 10 says that their approach is good for overall fitness as well as for back pain, and they reference research suggesting that their method has benefits for aging and pregnant individuals as well. Weight loss, improved athletic performance, and optimized overall health are some of the results Concept 10 10 users notice. However, their specialization can be a plus for marketing.

Often, new business owners want to appeal to everyone. Narrowing the focus of marketing can make entrepreneurs feel as though they’ll be turning away customers. In fact, specializing allows higher prices and more targeted marketing, without reducing the number of customers a franchise can serve. By focusing on back pain, Concept 10 10 marketing speaks to a large and growing segment of the population while still maintaining the feel of a specialized service.

People with back pain are also a highly motivated group. Unlike the typical gym which may see a rush of new customers at New Year’s or at the start of the bikini season and then watch their business slump, Concept 10 10 is not a seasonal business. Since the clients work with a personal trainer, there are many opportunities to develop rapport and loyalty. Franchisees can also benefit from referrals from chiropractors and other medical professionals.

Concept 10 10 requires an initial investment of up to $180,000, with no requirements for minimum net worth. They offer a licensing arrangement and allow part-time owners and absentee owners.

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