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Just One Franchise: Pop-A-Lock

car-keyPeople who are locked out of their cars already feel pretty vulnerable. Whether they’ve lost their key or locked it in the car — or perhaps they stepped out of the car for a moment and their toddler managed to lock them out with the key still in the ignition — they’re probably feeling stressed.

When they find a locksmith on their smartphone and call for rescue, they are essentially asking a stranger to come break into their car. Already in a stressful situation, they may feel even more stressed if their rescuer is a rough-looking guy. One franchise business has a solution to this problem, and that has given them a boost over their competitors.

It’s easy to see why national roadside assistance companies and car insurance companies that provide roadside assistance like working with reputable national brands like Pop-A-Lock. Pop-A-Lock requires that all employees who assist customers in the field wear their signature “rescue orange” uniforms and present a clean and well-kept person. Stressed and worried customers value that reassurance when they call for help. It’s an additional level of service that helps Pop-A-Lock beat out the competition nationally and locally.

Pop-A-Lock franchisees rarely have industry experience in locksmithing or security audits. They are typically organized people who work well with others. Franchisees are also leaders who can successfully manage large and mid-sized exclusive territories. With a low cash requirement of $50,000 and a total investment of well under $100,000, Pop-A-Lock is also a franchise that has an easy level of entry. This means that Pop-A-Lock is a popular franchise with people who wouldn’t otherwise would be able to own a franchise with as much support as Pop-A-Lock provides.

The benefits of Pop-A-Lock include the unique training and support system as well as the way they do business. Pop-A-Lock franchisees are trained on the six major areas of business franchisees deal with on a daily basis before starting, and receive support throughout the life of their franchise business. Employees are trained at the corporate center in Louisiana to ensure that they use the correct techniques and equipment to open locks successfully for customers without damaging the lock. This is another reassuring element for the customer, since unskilled locksmiths can easily damage locks.

On top of lock popping services, Pop-A-Lock also provide security audits to help business owners and homeowners keep their assets and their families safe from intruders. Who’s better at seeing break-in dangers  than someone who breaks in to places for a living? With this diversity in revenue streams, Pop-A-Lock franchisees have more opportunities to bring in higher revenue. Lock popping is recession proof, too—people lock themselves out of their cars and homes whether they are being careful with their funds or not, and they have little choice about whether or not to call a locksmith.

Franchisees also have great things to say about the Pop-A-Lock franchise system. We’ve highlighted a number of these testimonials. This may be the perfect franchise business opportunity for you!

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