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Just One Franchise: Russo’s New York Pizzeria

Brand Keys 2014 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI) results are in and Dominos rules the major pizza brands as the closet to always meeting customer expectations. With a 90% rating, it’s hard to beat. But Papa John’s is in at a close second with 87% and Pizza Hut is only seven points away at 83%. It’s a tight race when it comes to providing customers with the perfect pizza experience. Beyond the giant national brands, there are many, many more pizza franchise business opportunities, and every one of them is someone’s favorite pizza.

Americans consume one-third of all the world’s pizza and create a $37 billion industry with our quest for the ideal pizza. On any given day, 13% of Americans will be eating pizza — a 41% increase over the last twenty years. Pizza consumption doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon as generations raised on delivery and grocery store pizza are starting to raise families of their own.

Pizza consumers are highly brand loyal. When they find something they like, they order it over and over again from the same store. So what does it take to be the go-to pizza place for a customer? That’s exactly what pizza franchises are trying to do every day.

Russo’s Pizza Restaurants starts with the traditional New York City style pizza that the founder, Paul Russo, knew growing up. When he moved to another area of the country, he found that pizza just wasn’t the same—and wasn’t as good. So he started on a one-man mission to bring good pizza to the world and that’s turned into a national franchise. If you’ve ever had real New York style pizza with slices as big as your head and the unique pliable crust perfect for folding slices in half, you know what makes Russo’s pizza so good.

For customers on the quest to find the ideal pizza, getting them in the door is half the trouble. Russo’s Pizza knows that’s the biggest part of success for a pizza franchise because of the high level of consumer loyalty in the pizza industry. They guide their franchisees through effective marketing efforts to grab customers’ attention and encourage them to try their pizza. Since the quality of their product speaks for itself once customers try it, Russo’s Pizza’s approach does a good job of attracting and keeping customers.

There are two styles of franchise for the Russo’s Pizza franchise. One is called the Metro and is geared towards grab and go pizza. The second is named the Precinct and closely resembles a mom and pop pizzeria. In both styles of restaurants, customers are treated to the sight of traditional pizza tossing. Customers love to watch their food being made in front of them, and it reinforces the sense of freshness, too.

The combination of the New York style, the visual excitement, and the quality of the pizza make Russo’s a winning pizza franchise opportunity. The flexibility of their two options makes them a good bet for franchisees.

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